Who I Am in Christ – #21 – In Christ I Can…Wait

How much of your life is spent waiting?  Statistics vary from 3 years of total life to 10-30% of daily life – waiting for the traffic light to change, waiting in service lines, waiting for appointments, waiting for the mailman, waiting for the water to boil,


What do you do with that time?  As a believer we can make use of those daily snippets of time:

1)    Look around – people in need of prayer are everywhere around us – see them. Pray for them and for our loved ones – families, individuals, single parents, lonely kids and lonely seniors, hurting people, those in bondage, caretakers

2)     Or use our surroundings as prayer catalysts

  1. brush out/iron out  tangled finances/negotiations/relationships
  2. mirror – look into the mirror of God’s Word – see if there is anything to confess, and get a fresh start
  3. gas/tires/car/truck – safety for all loved ones driving today, safety for military, local, state and govt law enforcement
  4. light switch – pray for understanding for our youth, and for doctors searching for answers, for those still in darkness, for those praying for direction
  5. cleaning – pray for those dealing with excess – stuff, emotions, stress
  6. clock – pray for those with medical diagnosis, those working to meet deadlines, those searching for a job, those praying for an answer to great urgency, women in labor, those looking for a life partner
  7. stop sign or stop light – pray for those including myself who need to stop doing something
  8. green light – pray for those who want to go out and witness, pray for opportunities to go and tell others what God has done in my life, pray for right decisions, for new starts (college, jobs, relationships)
  9. yellow light – ask God to give us a sense of caution, to recognize a temptation, to choose not to be angry, to wait instead of making an impulsive decision

The possibilities are endless.

As one who is IN Christ – waiting is not an imposition it is an opportunity!

  • Come boldly to the throne of grace Heb 4:16
  • pray always and everywhere Luke 21:36

Ever thought you didn’t have time for prayer?  Me too.  Now I see all the opportunities I have every day.

In Christ I can wait.

And pray.

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