Who Am I In Christ # 20 – Former Red Bird

A Red Bird incident started it all.  It happened as my younger sister and I were driving toward a long awaited reunion with our oldest sister, and Marvel read to me about a woman who was struggling with some weakness – blaming the devil for it.  As the woman ran about doing her errands, she prayed, asking God how she could avoid the enemy. Returning to her car, she saw a red bird attacking the shiny bumper.  As she watched the bird she realized it was attacking what it thought was its enemy – but it was attacking it’s own reflection. It was then, she shared, that she realized sometimes she is her own enemy and she has to choose to look within and allow God to help her with her weaknesses rather than blame “the enemy.”

Marvel and I made a promise then to pray for each other whenever we saw a red bird – that God would help us in whatever we were struggling with or praying for at that time, and that we would not listen to the accuser and accept his condemnation.

Romans 8:1-2 says: There is therefore (because Christ died for us) now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

You can recognize the enemy feeding your thoughts if they contain any of these forms of permanent judgment (you always, you never, you will never).  Three of the most common deceptions are:

  1. Allegation that a person is guilty of some fault, offence, or crime; imputation
  2. Condemnation – Severe reproof; strong censure.
  3. Damnation – the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell as a consequence of sin.

If we allow these whispers of the enemy to infiltrate our minds we become like the red bird – believing all this subconscious talk is our self-talk and condemning ourselves when Christ has already set us free.

In Christ I am a FORMER red bird…now the bird reminds me of peace and security in Christ, for there is NO condemnation in Christ.

I know that God has sent more red birds than we ever thought we’d see since my sister and I made the promise, and we frequently call or send a note – “saw a red bird and prayed for you.”  Moments of growth, peace, and blessing have matched the date and time of prayer repeatedly and our experience has multiplied as we shared the prayer and commitment with our sister Marlene, then with daughters, nieces, friends, and “sisters-in-the-Lord.”


Many times we need encouragement – a Word, a Hug, or a Touch. Seeing a red bird and praying for others gets your mind off your own struggles, making you instead look forward to hearing ‘the rest of the story’ as to why you prayed for them at that time.  Remembering that someone is praying for you whenever they see a red bird is also wonderfully uplifting.


I encourage you to share this story and ‘Red-Bird Prayer’ with a sister or friend. Making this commitment says you will be sisters helping each other to grow, to stay strong, and also to help bear their burdens.  Once you join us, many red birds will come across your path – and many blessings will follow.

Is there someone you should pray for?  Have you seen a red bird today?  Are you “In Christ?”

If so, you too can say

I am a former Red Bird

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