Who I Am In Christ # 13 – Reconciled

With my mother’s passing, rejoicing over reconciliation has been the focus.  I was the first reconciliation to God in our immediate family, in 1964.  God has graciously brought them in one-by-one, after I learned that reconciliation was God’s job and not mine.

I was an excited and enthusiastic new believer.  Foolish too, and caused a rift in the family. Despite the pastor’s advice to the contrary (always the rebel) I went home and announced that I’d found God and no longer did thus and so, and it was so wonderful to not be enslaved anymore, didn’t everyone want to be just like me?  The immediate answer was not only “no”, but you can leave now and don’t come back!  After several years of regret, repenting,  and learning to listen to God’s spirit and teachers in our lives, we were praying for a home (but needed to get rid of some debt and find a downpayment) when God did a cool thing.  First he sent a seeker to me for a Bible study.  That seeker ended up not only coming to believe on Christ, but saying she didn’t know why but she was urged to help us get a home.  I thought that was the downpayment, but budget-analyst hubby said paying debt first could enable us to get a home loan. We paid the debt, then found the home, viewed it, and made an offer the same day the sign went up in the yard. We were told we had 30 days to pay the downpayment. On the 29th day dad meanwhile, was at a funeral a few hours from us and got to thinking it seemed wrong be separated from us because we had a new faith, and besides he’d helped the other siblings to get a home and maybe he should see if we wanted help. He showed up at our door offering a down-payment if and when we found a home.  We surprised him by taking him for a drive and a tour of the home, which he approved!

There began our family reconciliation.

Rather than share the details, I’ll share the circle drawing close – the testimony from my mother’s obituary with a few notes in italics: Freda Eva (Cudnohufsky) Christian, 94, of Kingsford, went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. Freda was led to the Lord by her daughter, Marvel in May of 2010. [after 32 years of separation]. Mom finally had peace with God and Freda understood that Jesus came to reconcile her to himself so that she was able to also reconcile her earthly relationships. [the last one the week before Thanksgiving after 45 years of prayer!]. It´s been a blessing for her family and friends to witness the loving change in her and to see restoration in many of her personal relationships after decades of discord. Pastor Kevin Sullivan has offered to be available at 906-774-8239 to anyone who would like to know more about the miracle of restoration and the assurance of eternal life that Freda experienced. Romans 5:10 says “…we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”

There you have it.

In Christ I am reconciled.

You too? I’d love to hear your reconciliation miracle story too!

The rest of the obituary can be read here: http://www.jacobsfuneralhomes.com/obits/obituaries.php/obitID/707224

One Comment on “Who I Am In Christ # 13 – Reconciled

  1. A wonderful story…a Wonderful Savior! Know you have been lifted to His Throne since I saw your news…I will continue to pray for the coming moments, which will no doubt come…Rest in His Arms…


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