Do I Really Mean It?

This living like Lazarus experiment has me thinking.   When I read some of the blogs, I thought “Oh, be spontaneous – all I have to do is live like myself!”  But as I dug deeper, I’m re-evaluating that statement.

Why?  Well, Lazarus probably wasn’t just silly-spontaneous to celebrate his new life – I think he likely lived out a saying I’ve often quoted – “You only really believe as much as you activate.”

Then I reviewed a recent chat with one of my daughters who mainly said I care about you and want you to make some better choices (for eye health), then prayed for a friend the verse that says “Choose life.”  Hmmm. As usual, God’s Word boomeranged right back at me and I realized if it is so evident that I need to make better choices for eye health, then I am not living what I’m preaching and praying – that every decision should be based on choosing life.

What will I regret a year from now if my sight goes faster if I chose a higher glycemic diet than is appropriate for my eye disease (well really appropriate for my all-over health)?  Will I regret not having chocolate, ice cream, or creme brulee every chance I could?  Or will I regret not choosing life for my eyes?  I know the answer  – it’s a bit obvious – and I’ve repented of my foolishness as well as making the necessary public (ouch) commitment that I must do this (give up sugar/change my diet ).  The “funny” thing is that once I am off sugar for a couple of weeks I feel so wonderful inside I swear I’ll never go back again.  But that first week or so is the killer for me.

Prayer and accountability will be appreciated and I hope that my dear friends and loved ones will feel free to ask how I am doing, will not offer me anything with refined sugar (in any form for 90 days)  before I can reintroduce agave nectar depending on the glycemic reaction.

That’s my Live Like Lazarus decision for today – to reaffirm what I believe: I am alive in Christ,  that through Him I have all resources needed for physical and spiritual life, and then really mean it – by activating my belief.

Psalm 145:18      GOD’S there, listening for all who pray,
for all who pray and mean it.

One Comment on “Do I Really Mean It?

  1. I will be your accountability partner! I am a prediabetic whose morning fasting reading has been in the 120-140 range…but when I am ‘tested’ for diabetes, I am ‘normal’ (Can you imagine that?!) The enemy has been attacking me with cravings for sugar/chocolate/ ANYthing I can get my grubby hands on. I must fast the cravings away; that is the only way I have found to break the desire. YES! I will stand with you in this fight. Know I will be praying for you my dear friend. -cyn-


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