Live like Lazarus

The project has begun.  40 days of spontaneous new-life adventures. 

It’s interesting that the first three days entries have focused primarily on two things – showing love and worshiping through nature.  It’s difficult imagining the first 48 or so hours of a brought-back-to-life response NOT including those things!

What would you do if you had died and were given another chance at life?

Run in the rain?  Go barefoot in the grass?  Stay in bed and read all day?  Send thank you notes to all those who touched your (first) life?  Eat all the ice cream you can hold?  Hug your family?  Stop amid the “rat-race” of life and take a moment to look, or listen, touch, show or tell of your love?

Has your life gotten as busy as mine that you wonder if you have time to even think spontaneously, let alone act spontaneously every day for 37 more days?  So much to do, so little time…  Does it become un-spontaneous to PLAN spontaneity?  The first thing I’ve had to do in my quest to renew the child-like enjoyment of each day is to say “No” to a few more things, so I have time to be.  To stop and enjoy a whole song, a conversation, or even to take a walk.

Whether you join the Lazarus Experiment on Facebook or not, I’d encourage taking the time each day to ask yourself what you would do if you were newly awakened like Lazarus – and then do it!

One Comment on “Live like Lazarus

  1. The Lazarus Experiment is GREAT. “Does it become un-spontaneous to PLAN spontaneity? ” <—– great idea Delores. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Plans are useless, but planning is everything!"


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