Am I like a Daffodil or a Carnation?

Ah the encouraging sunshine gold of daffodils.  I love how they break through even while the snow struggles to keep its hard grip on the earth.

As mentioned, the Daffodil looks like a trumpet. Symbolically, the Daffodil encourages us  to announce our souls-growth after a long slumber. Make a joyful noise  and let your inner orchestrations reverberate clear-joy .

In ancient herbalism and medicine, the scent of the Daffodil was used as a kind of intoxicant.  For those with overactive minds, or anxiety disorders, the smell of the Daffodil was said to stupefy the mind – allowing one to mellow out a bit after a stressful experience.

Daffodils have strength and they bring hope to the otherwise dreary and muddy landscape as winter ends and the remaining snow is covered with gray.  Snow is forcast again for this weekend, and if it comes, the daffodils will stand.  Daffodils are quite tolerant of cold, especially with a covering of snow, and are grown all the way north to the Canadian border. What I find interesting is that daffodils can also be grown throughout the South with the exception of parts of Florida which are free of frost. A cold treatment—natural or induced—is needed for flower bud initiation.

I have a daffodil pin to remind me that times of cold can stir up the buds of new life.  That in Christ, I can stand strong through the storms of life and let the SON shine through me – bringing hope to the often bleak landscape of the world.

I found a what-kind-of-flower-are-you quiz and came out with my favorite smelling flower – the Carnation.

You Are a Carnation

You are down to earth and grounded.
You tend to be more traditional than trendy.
Your confidence gets you through anything.
People trust you and are very loyal to you.


What kind of flower are you?

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