Ask Your Doctor if it’s right for you…

I thought of a recent Proverbs study when I saw one of “those” commercials today – you know the ones – they start out cheery and upbeat, telling about a drug that can help us fight allergies, alleviate arthritic pain, lower cholesterol, or whatever.

Actors portray patients experiencing no side effects from the drugs: happy people bouncing amid flowers that used to cause uncomfortable reactions and energetic pain-free seniors cheerfully walking their pets or playing with their grandchildren

And then the kicker comes in a softer voice at the end of the commercial…

  • May cause kidney and liver damage, cancerous tumors, damage to your brain and eyesight…don’t take if you are over 35…
  • Allergies may take many forms from mild skin rashes, to fatal shock
  • May cause blurred vision, sudden loss of vision, seizures, confusion, weakness or difficulty moving one or both sides of the body, or loss of consciousness
  • May cause mouth or throat swelling that can lead to death…

Yikes!  With all those warnings, it seems stupid to try the products and see what happens.  Yet spiritually speaking, I wonder how much I’ve listened to the similarly sly voice of temptation.  Enough to purposely chose to ignore the dangers, or just enough to believe the side effect would never happen to me?

The pithy verses of Proverbs reveal the truth behind temptation that looks good, or sounds good and illustrates how many are foolish enough to make decisions blindly without investigating the potential “side effects.”

I imagined God’s Word making quite the opposite kind of commercials – while the enemy is softly whispering it’s safe, no side effects, “come on down”…God is shouting:

  • Avoid it
  • do not pass by it;
  • Turn away from it
  • pass on.

In other words: Run!

Prov. 27:12 The prudent see danger and take refuge,but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

As the commercial closed, I thought, well,  at least the final words apply if I have a decision to make –  “Ask my Healer if it’s right for me …”

One Comment on “Ask Your Doctor if it’s right for you…

  1. I just thank God for His daily wisdom. When something is too good…it just can’t be true, right? Not to say I haven’t fallen for the ‘to good to be true’ at times. But I do try to research things first…most times! I think the pharmaceuticals play to many of those ‘synthetic’ commercials. Ha! You only have to give me one good reason NOT to take the pill.


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