Victory in Defeat

I recently visited the Alamo in San Antonio, TX and was impressed with the determination to fight honorably. Even though every man knew it meant death, only one walked away, leaving 200 to fight 2000.  It was a commitment to certain death.

Yet they felt it would be a victory in defeat.Alamo

How can that be?  It’s quite the concept, but my rebellious nature understood some of the possibilities immediately.

Things like:

 defeating comfort-eating jags = bring physical and emotional victory

God defeating/ I surrendering insecurities to the Lord = confidence Christ will strengthen and enable me

defeating useless and degrading self talk = allowing God’s words to embolden & guide

defeating looking back saying should I, could I = looking forward to what’s next

defeating the enemy’s permanentizing (you always, you never) = rejoicing that the only forever words are God’s positive description of himself (I always, I will never)

defeating self pity of the hard place I am in = repenting of not accepting God’s plan, and His strength for me to bless another through the crisis

defeating thoughts that life is all about me = a burden lifted because I am not responsible to fix everyone’s problems – only God can do that anyway.

I recall praying once, that I felt so responsible to fix something, even though I knew it was an impossibility for me.  I recall bursting out in laughter at God’s whisper to my heart cry: “Last time I checked there were still only three in the Trinity, and you were not one of them!”

 and a most difficult one for me 

Personal defeat giving up the “right” to demand justice (especially when I know I am right) = victory for self and cause of Christ:

The Message states it so clearly: Wouldn’t it be far better to just take it, to let yourselves be wronged and forget it?

More of you Lord.

Less of me.

John 3:30

Have you also experienced victory in defeat?  What was your experience?

3 Comments on “Victory in Defeat

  1. Of course, the Alamo is one of my favorite tales and monuments. I still walk around the grounds in awe. It did buy Sam Houston to gather the troops to take the victory a few weeks later at San Jacinto, which happened on April 21…. Welcome to Texas History.

    (There was also the moment when Travis ‘drew the line in the sand’, all but the one man stayed behind the line. Oh, wait I could go on and on…)


    • Lyndie, Do you mean I was almost close enough to visit you! Yes, Travis drawing the line in the sand was what I referred to…lots of interesting and applicable lessons in the history but that comment drew me the most. Maybe because that’s how I felt when caring for my mom – there was a lot of defeat but each time also brought its own victory. Have you had those experiences too?


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