Four Sides of Me

I subscribe to the First Place (Christ centered diet program) description of me:  Emotions, Mind, Body, and Spirit, so these posts will vary within one of those four topics.

I have no apologies if the posts to various categories become unbalanced … my excuses are thus:

I am woman

I am Sanguine

I am Delores

and my praise is thus according to Psalm 139:

I am God’s will.

3 Comments on “Four Sides of Me

  1. It is such a privilege to hear your heart through your writings. I remember so often sitting side by side and sharing our hearts. Thank you Dee, for the memories and for your continued faithfulness.


  2. You put your heart and your spirit in your words. Thank you for your honesty and for showing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through your lifes breath. Your family has been blessed by the Lord and so is everyone who reads your responses to life! HB3


  3. Ms. D,
    Once again you have pulled my heart into your world of comedy wonder. I really enjoyed reading your funny words. Thank you for sharing your wondrous soul and inspiration. All looks fabulous!
    Ann P.


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