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After Loss of A child – Going Through

Through – It seems lately that the word through has been highlighted in devotionals and every article and book I have been reading. Of course you are likely familiar with a well-known and oft-repeated verse 4 from the 23rd Psalm: Even though I walk… Continue Reading “After Loss of A child – Going Through”

Hearing My Shepherd’s Voice

You are in a crowded room and out of all the cacophony of voices would you recognize your spouse’s or your parent’s voice? Would that one voice stand out? In Spain last summer, Lara (one of the missionaries) was driving a few of us… Continue Reading “Hearing My Shepherd’s Voice”

Walking through the Valley?

It all started with a Mayan proverb: When you face the sun, the shadows fall behind you.   It’s on a mug I bought on Pottery Highway in North Carolina.  The artist and I discussed how that truth is even more meaningful in light… Continue Reading “Walking through the Valley?”

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