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7 Tips for Handling Anxiety – by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Word Girls guest blog Michele Bengston. Real. Those are the type of people and things that move me most. Real stories, books and movies based on real people dealing with real life.  Real tears and real joy at simple things. I’ve not yet met…

Courage – The Gift of Fear

I recognized the fear in her eyes when she acknowledged mine.   I’d eagerly began the stair climb down into the warm Mineral Bath at Bath, England, when I realized the pool depth was not graded. It was all one depth. A childhood almost-drowning…

Walking through the Valley?

It all started with a Mayan proverb: When you face the sun, the shadows fall behind you.   It’s on a mug I bought on Pottery Highway in North Carolina.  The artist and I discussed how that truth is even more meaningful in light…

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