Review – The Turning – by Davis Bunn

The Unlikely Road – that is what we can expect to walk as Christ-follwers in today’s world. 1-Turning4545_153_1


Today’s media frenzies, constant headlines meant to shock, and end-times turbulence in weather, wars, politics and finance reveals daily unlikely roads for believers, churches, America and the world. Davis Bunn gives us glimpses into minds that pour out such darkness, but also reveals how God still speaks to His followers today.


The Turning, a could-happen-tomorrow story, is a challenge to our conscience, and a call for self-examination. Do we live with the eternal perspective and worldview of these characters? Do we listen for God’s call and if directed, would we take the turn unquestioningly, or do we tend to wrestle with such a concept?


Perhaps you have already had some turnings in your life. Have you been marked by unexplainable “coincidences” that have turned you toward God? If so, you will relate to the characters in this story, and will eagerly anticipate what is coming next for the five who took the turning and face Trent Cooper and Gayle Sayers – and all the money and power behind them.


It is a page-turner that could have been pulled from the headlines. It left me watching for the sequel, hoping there will be a movie, and wondering if I would be willing to count the cost and take a turning.


Read more about the story and the author at his website:


I received a complimentary book to enable an honest review.

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