Florian’s Gate by T. Davis Bunn

Jeffrey Sinclair, starting a new life assisting in a London antique shop, Alexander Kantor, his mysterious relative floriansgateand mentor, and Katya Nichols whom Jeffrey hires as an assistant have secrets.  Each is striving to make peace with their past and to be released from control by something in their past.

My Prussian background made the details and descriptions of the locale, people, and intrigue particularly meaningful.  The graphic detail Jeffrey gives of accompanying Alexander’s visit to the Holocaust location was very moving as the reader was taken on an intimate tour of a great tragedy that left many mentally and emotionally ravished for the rest of their lives.

Each journey with Jeffrey and Katya delivered a veritable mountain of research on period antique furnishings and the smuggling that took place in that time period. Interestingly each furniture acquisition brought revelations for Jeffrey and Katya through the personal tragedies and triumphs of interesting secondary characters.

Florian’s Gate is a story of history, tragedy, intrigue, faith, love and restoration. There was just enough fiction to make the sometimes-painful truth of our past bearable to read. Florian’s Gate is a gift I hope many will open and ponder.  For me it was life-changing as much touched my heart as true spiritual and historical legacy.

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