Healthy Living – Resolution or Revolution?


All of life is a choice, and being healthy is no different.groceries


This year I plan to feature more reviews of products, listings of helpful web links and tips to healthy living.  If you have favorite websites, pins on Pinterest, blogs, recipes you’d like to share, remedies you’ve found successful, send them on!


Today’s Tip:  I’ve found that making simple changes allows me to have more food variety and a healthier lifestyle.  Simply using protein powder and coconut flour instead of wheat flour for pancakes, relieves wheat-belly symptoms and allows enjoying a comfort food that had to be abandoned for a time.  Recipe is in the blog within the NuNatural’s Reviews.


Here is a healthful link:

20 Health “Experts” share their 2013 Promises to Themselves


What’s your favorite?

Focus on Strength or Challenge your weaker part

Kitchen Creativity – Eating More Real Food – less food-like substances.

Clean up body, home, and mind (stress in any of those areas equals extra weight)

Have more fun

Relax more

Sit less


My Fun Pick:  Try the Singing Coach to relax and see if it can “tune me up”



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