For Natural Beauty – Last Things First

No matter what we wear, the eye is naturally drawn to our skin. If I don’t eat right and nourish my skin, no amount of makeup will hide what is really there at the end of the day.  So – last things first. My all-natural style secret is to nourish what I want to shine at the end of the day!


I’m an #AllNaturalStyleSecrets girl since realizing that health starts within, and with last things first in every area of my life. I try to start or at least make preparations for dinner before breakfast or leaving the house. That way I know no matter how the day goes, we will be able to relax with a healthy dinner at the days end. Spiritually speaking, I found fulfillment and complete satisfaction in a personal relationship with Christ. That relieves a lot of stress in my life, which had caused havoc with the natural function of my skin, digestive system, and nervous system.


New Natural Style Secrets is also a last thing first on my regimen since I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.  I have a lot of allergies; so I was glad to see Seventh Generation, a trusted company in my household, advance with natural products in the skin care line. I tried the Skin Serum for dry skin on my arms first, and when I saw the changes after just a few days use (bumps receding, dry craters smoothing out), I began using it on my face and neck.  Now I know that even if the day gets hectic and all else goes wrong (like this week when I had no time to apply makeup and of course met someone at the store that I haven’t seen in some time), my skin will still have a healthy glow and be protected from environmental damage. Seventh Generation Skin Serum has relieved the stress of needing multiple step cleaners, smoothers, and astringent toners. One step and I’m ready to go! For evening I find it a wonderfully moist foundation, and a natural accompaniment to eating as naturally and nutritionally as possible.


I appreciate the natural beauty, wholesomeness, and flavor of a just picked fruit. When I am filled with perfect, fresh food, I don’t crave the junk. The fresh food I now crave sends health to my body without the side effects of unnatural or over-processed added ingredients. Similarly the natural and pure botanical oils plucked fresh from nature for Seventh Generation skin serum enhance my health with antioxidants, vitamins and natural fatty acids, from the inside out while making my skin glow!


Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up (and have 50 pairs of shoes to prove it!) But no matter what I wear, if I am not comfortable with my skin and my hair, whatever I am styling just doesn’t cut it. I love knowing that no matter what happens in my day, it will end peaceful and relaxing if the last things are taken care of first. For my skin and my health that means Seventh Generation Skin Serum! Try it – your day will end better!

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