7 Steps to Health

1.   Eat Healthy for YOUR body – take a metabolic test (some short ones free on the internet or check out eat for your blood type).

2.  Clean out items that don’t make you feel well and that are not on your metabolic diet list.  Cupboards usually need relief from refined products, white products (sugar, flour, shortening, salt) that have been processed, and often, GMO (genetically modified) grains including corn if causing digestive upset

3.  Eat regularly during the day.  Ideal is said to be 3 meals and 2 -3 snacks.  Drink (water or tea) before and after every meal.

4.  Add more live food to your plate – fresh vegetables and fruits and fermented products (sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, etc.)

5.  Eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate daily.  One. Ounce. (that reminder was for myself!)

6.  Stretch and exercise daily.  Two-Three times a day do Three 20 second bursts of movement followed by 20 seconds of rest. Or do them all at once – Six repeats of movement bursts and rest.  See TRX at Maximized Living – it’s exercise of several Olympic Teams!

7.  Rest.  Rest your eyes by looking away from the computer, and by moving about even a few seconds several times a day.  Rest your body by getting at least 6 hours sleep every night.

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