Review – See the Light Bible Story and Art Class

See The Light – Art Class, Art Projects or Bible Stories  by Pat Holt  SeetheLightHolt

Art Class is a 9 DVD/ 36 lesson series geared for ages 6+

Art Projects is a 9 DVD/36 lesson series geared for ages 10+

Bible Stories with Related Art Lessons is a 5 DVD series with a Bible Story artistically and dramatically presented for the entire family.  There are 3 step by step art lessons on each DVD that are related to the Bible story presented.


I chose to review the Bible Stories with Related Art Lessons.  The DVD I received is titled God’s Runaway.

I showed the Bible Story to a group of 3-6-year-olds at a church ministry, Moms of Mercy.  Every child was entranced and engaged with the story teller.  A few asked questions during the story.  I was concerned that the smaller children would not be engaged because they are so used to seeing animated figures, and the story was illustrated by a chalk artist utilizing some completed frames, and some where she drew to the cadence of the storytellers voice.

We were pleased to the response of the little ones and their questions following the story, showing they remembered the story line and made the connection that it is better to obey God the first time!

The art lessons were only applicable to a couple of the children, so I shared the DVD  with a homeschooling Mom who gave this review:

Gods Runaway – DVD ( Story and Art Lesson)  CWABibStory

I have two girls – a 6 year old and a 3 year old. Gods Runaway has not only a story which is shown using beautiful artwork, there are also several art lessons as well. Right from the start my girls were both riveted to the story – it was the story of Jonah and Ninevah, and during the story an artist describes the story using artwork. Both my 6 year old and my 3 year old barely moved during the 13 minute story and were entertained and educated.

Next, for the art lessons. My 3 year old had no time or patience for them, which is fine because the recommended ages for the art lessons is 6 and up. However, my 6 year old – who considers herself an artist – loved the art lessons! The only drawback in my opinion is the tools that were used on the dvd are a little unusual to be laying around the average American household- for example, we needed oil pastels, a blacklight, blacklight pencils, certain papers,etc. So we substituted and used what we had around the house…simple cardstock, crayons and colored pencils…and we made do. Elle didn’t mind at all and spent an entire morning watching all of the art lessons and coloring/drawing along with them. A great dvd and tool that we will watch again and again!

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