Review – Give Me Thine Heart -By Andrea Boeshaar

Review – Give Me Thine Heart

Periwick, England July, 1814


I cannot help but shudder as I read stories of forced marriages of this era. Moira, at her staged engagement party, is about to become another statistic. An orphaned missionary child, Moira was taken in by an aunt and uncle who retain her inheritance until she marries or reaches the age of emancipation.


Enter Mr. White, who portends to be a British supporter, asking the saddest looking bride-to-be he’s ever seen, for a dance. He helps her escape momentarily from her fear and apparent captivity.


Then the only implausible part of the story (to me) – this professional ‘spy’ leaves his diary in his coat which he removed and tossed with others. The diary…falls out, and Moira picks it up so he tells her he has to kill her. But when she seems almost eager to die (better than go through the arranged marriage) he impulsively kidnaps her instead.


That is where the story gets fun and has a lot of interesting twists and adventures. I could see it becoming a movie.

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