Holy Land Invitations and Biblical Reproductions

I got an invitation!  Two actually… But first let’s go back in time to the invitation I found thousands of years after it was written…

As a Christian, my spiritual heritage is rooted in the faith of Israel and God’s chosen people.

That’s why Esther 9:27 made me overjoyed. It’s personal! God specifically invites the grafted-in, adopted family of God to celebrate with Israel. Look:

Esther 9:27 – At God’s command, the Jews established a custom for:

  • themselves
  • their descendants
  • and all those who allied themselves with them

Wow.  An invitation from God to celebrate together for generations to come.

One of my responses was to make the heart of our home express my heart for all things Israel. This is IMG_6887the ceiling above our central cooking island – created so the Cross and the Star of David reflect into our lives. Hebrew prayers and pictures surrounding the island remind us daily to pray for Israel.

An invitation that also takes me to the Holy Land is to visit  Biblical Reproductions – the site of authorized reproductions from the Holy Land.  One look at the site brought to mind Hawaii pastors leading the Hawaii-Israel Alliance, and I knew they and other peoples that support Israel would want to know about replicas of unique Holy Land discoveries they could own and display in their homes and ministries.

I’ve long appreciated archeological biblical discoveries because they confirm biblical events and stories of the people of Israel.  The Biblical Reproductions website draws me to the Holy Land and inspires my imagination of the stories behind each artifact.

The Bar Kochba Letter and portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls especially drew me because they bring to reality the history and authenticity of our spiritual family and their journeys. Knowing we were on God’s Mind (Psalm 139) when these were written is humbling.

1-BarkochbaletterThe Bar Kochba Letter – this papyrus contains details of the division of the land lot and dates from middle of second century. It is written in Mishnaic Hebrew.


The Son of God scroll written by followers who described themselves as “sons of light”…


The Genesis scroll – the fourth day of creation when God separated darkness from light


I hope you are as excited as I am to have these invitations!  More on this next week, and meantime, I’ll meet you at the Biblical Reproductions website!


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