Danger, Suspense and Romance in Africa – a review

Review Journey of Hope by Debbie Kaufman journeyofhope


An underfunded Liberian missionary, Annabelle Baldwin, (recently escaped from an arranged society marriage) and the suspicion and danger of the mining industry of Africa blend when wounded war veteran Stewart Hastings needs a jungle guide.


While Stewart learns to submit to Anna’s knowledge of culture and terrain, Anna must also learn to depend on a man who mocks her faith.  Despite “Indiana Jones” type of jungle danger, the two finally combine their efforts to expose the Leopard Society and to rescue a native boy.


I personally know missionaries in Africa, and recently read a novel based on the bloody history of Africa’s mining industry, so the well researched details of both sides of the story were a captivating draw to Journey of Hope.


Wounded hearts find trust a rare commodity and it is after much resistance the couple finally find their way to safety with a greater faith that confirms their growing affection.

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