After The Invitation comes…

A wedding is a big event.  After the set-the-date card and the invitation build up expectations, the big IMG_3332day finally came.  I’d heard much from the brides and their families about how it looked and I was eager to see the setting, the couple, and the commitment .

I happily made another commitment recently to review the Biblical Reproductions website.  It was an easy and instant response – YES! — because I love all things Israel.  This invitation also got me excited about what I would see, and I wasn’t disappointed when I “entered” their website.



1-templeMy first thought was… classy!  You know how you feel differently if you walk into a store that is cluttered and messy, and one that is crisp and clean and has white space where you can walk between the displays?   Biblical Reproductions is like that…clean, crisp, classy and uncluttered.

The changing displays of various products catch my eye, making me want to examine the objects shown.  When the Temple Court Inscription said “See what Jesus saw…” there was no way I wasn’t going to take a closer look at that!  The description only whets the appetite to read the scripture portion quoted as most likely referring to this remnant of history.



My next typical stop is to find out more. Show me a door and I want to know what is behind it!  IMG_2623

The  founding of Biblical Reproductions company, their commitment to excellence, and their guarantee is all there.  You can also raise funds with Biblical Reproductions products! I was surprised to discover that fundraising initiatives are available and supported by Biblical Reproductions, and then my favorite stop was like dessert — their blog explaining the history and biblical background of several items.

I learned several things too – one was that the conclusion in the battle at Masada took place on Passover day. Another meaningful tidbit to ponder.


Imagine my joy and anticipation as I glanced through the site to know that I will receive a selection from the detailed replicas at Biblical Reproductions! I don’t know what I will receive but my confidence is high, knowing that Biblical Reproductions is “the only company authorized and licensed to sell replicas and photographic reproductions for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) in the Western Hemisphere.”

I asked God to provide something with inspiration I could apply to my life…


Be surprised with me in the next post when I reveal my gift.

In the meantime, you can do your own dreaming at the Biblical Reproduction website!

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