Refusing Negative Permanent Thoughts

Shades of my past, I thought I was beyond this.

I felt depressed on hearing some news today. Admittedly it was cumulative on a bunch of smaller disappointments or failures and I started hearing this junk in my head – you know – permanent negative thoughts.  You always….you will never…

Thank God I have someone trusted to whom I can turn. His response – I don’t know how, but I know God will turn this to something good. Truth calms.

We’d been running on steam all day. Hadn’t had time to eat all day and it was about 4 pm. Not good. I recalled a missionary saying to watch for physical lows as that is when the enemy can ramp up the emotions and make a mountain out of a molehill.  I’d set the trap myself.

Got an urgent email to answer and took care of that when a Womans World sweepstakes email popped up – and I thought I’ll go get my mind out of this space and complete a few win money entries. For each entry you are required to watch a 15-30 second commercial and complete a word from the commercial. After 2-3 of these (always a silly word or phrase from the commercial) this phrase pops up:

abide with me

What?  Where did that come from.

I had to smile.


We just dropped someone off at the airport, and that is where we met. It took me back to our pre-engagement agreement – we could only use the words




in a positive way – as an exaggeration of affection – you always make me happy – you never forget my birthday – you always looks good …

And remind one another that any permanent use of those words are from the pit, and will reject them as such.

Have you ever had a day like mine – gotten news that made you feel depressed?

Join me in making a choice to not open any doors for the enemy to inject any permanent negative thoughts.

To get enough sleep

To remember to eat and hydrate every day

To avoid things that affect my equilibrium – like sugar on an empty stomach



To abide in Christ – not stew in my emotional reactions.

To practice the presence of Christ (Lord thank you for using this to turn my heart and mind toward you. Thank you for using the enemy to cause me instead to rejoice, knowing you will work all things to your glory – in your time).

Join me?

4 Comments on “Refusing Negative Permanent Thoughts

  1. I’m in! I always say yes to this kind of sensible challenge and never want to succumb to backsliding.
    Thank you!


      • Thank you, Delores!

        Aaaaaand, what can you imagine happened prior to dinner last night? Yup. A total HANGRY meltdown. God help me!


      • I’m sorry, Jan. I should have warned you. Anytime we make any commitment or have an experience that threatens the enemy’s kingdom, you can count on being challenged. So now you have assurance and proof that the battle we fight is a spiritual one. So get your armor on! Contrary to outward appearances, the butterfly has not just been laying around, its development was slow, purposeful, and took every bit of strength. You are in my prayers to win the battle and come forth as more than conqueror!


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