Sisters, Sisters, Sisters…and Bunnies – Trips one and two

Hunny Bunny Sister Trips.  There’s nothing in the world like them. I have two sisters.  Once we determined we’d waited way too long to spend some sister time together, we began planning a trip.  We decided we wanted a theme, and noticed when recalling memories of our dad a particular phrase came up repeatedly – hunny bunny.  That is what Daddy called us – his hunny bunnies. . We all have different personalities, and our nickname (given by our dear Daddy), developed over the years, from a proof of love in the midst of a crazy family life, and a mutual support group, to a lighthearted public persona that recaptured the freedom we missed in our childhood.

The first time the two (slightly) older ones decided to visit the baby in Florida. We ordered shirts with bunnies and our new group name and went where?  Disneyland of course!

Dressed alike, we got stopped and asked, “Are you somebody?”

“Of course we are – we are the Hunny Bunnies!” and we happily posed for pictures.

It was fun to be silly, and free from all of lives little downers.  How could you be sad when people constantly reminded us how “lucky” we were to have each other!

Life intervened after our Hunny Bunny “tour” and it was a full decade later we met again.

We realized how much we’d missed shortly after we picked up the youngest of our trio at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and headed for Branson.

We’d just slid into a retro diner, when Marvel let out a screech. The waitress ran to our booth with concern, only to find three women convulsed in laughter at the discovery that we were all eligible for the senior discount!


Though we only spent 2 nights in Branson, we likely set a record with our schedule, dashing from one event to another and sliding into theaters as the curtains rose for the show. We had not realized the traffic jams we’d be facing on the —main road — but even that provided a hilarious memory.

We’d obviously over scheduled but intended to get to every show we’d paid for – and I’d turned the wrong direction to finally enable us to get to a show with more than seconds to spare. The only thing we hadn’t figured out how we would do was to get one of those period costume pictures, and as I pulled the car into a tiny mall to turn around, we realized that was exactly where we were. How much time to the next show, Marlene asked? Twenty-five minutes. We dashed inside as customers left, bemused at our hurry, and confronted the owner with our need. She laughed at the challenge, grabbed some dresses off the rack, posed us and snapped away. In under twenty minutes we grabbed the pictures and dashed for the car and the next show.


With no reserved tickets, we assumed we’d have to split up, and made plans to meet at the door after the show. We opened the doors to the usher’s warning that the show was about to begin, looking to the right – no seats – and then to the left – 3 seats all together. Just as our seats glided into the theater’s, the lights dimmed and the fellow next to us joked, You gals must be somebody…you arrive and the show begins! Marvel giggled back that he had it correct – we were the Honey Bunnies!

Whether physical or spiritual sisters or best friends, (we are fortunate the Hunny Bunnies claim all three titles), we encourage you to not wait as long as we did.  Grab your sibling or friend and head for the road. New friends, great adventures, and memorable sights will greet you. In addition to dreams come true, lots of hope, healing and hilarity await you if they are anything like our trips!  

Have you had a sister trip yet this year?




2 Comments on “Sisters, Sisters, Sisters…and Bunnies – Trips one and two

  1. You are so blessed to have sisters to enjoy! What fun and love!


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