Letters to a Daughter in Heaven

After Losing a Child – remembering…

Dear Laurie, (C.G. A.L.M.O.T.T.)


I did it again. I was going through some old emails tonight on the computer today, and copying sections for an article I am writing about caretaking Mom, when I came on half a dozen of yours. They were a sequence about a bike trip we were going to take and some chat about caretaking my mom . I got so caught up like we were chatting and went to hit reply and respond to something you said…


When I remembered….again.


Your emails give me a thousand ways to thank God for you – for our relationship, the studies we did together, the proofreading we did for each other, the Native American festivals, food, recipes, teas, remedies, so many things we shared,…for all the time we had.


How is it there is never enough?


One of the memories that sustains me the most is our time in Chicago, praying together, and shopping at Crate and Barrel…walking to MORE cupcakes and sharing a Valhrona filled and 24k gold decorated chocolate cupcake…finding healthy but gourmet samplers at some famous sports guy restaurant – Michael jordan’s I think, taking the night cruise of Chicago….but most of all you telling me, “Don’t worry about me, Mumsy, it is well with my soul.”


It’s comforting to know I will see you again. There will be a time to chat again – though of course you know I’ll never stop talking to you between now and then. You are just – and still – and always will be – a part of me.


I have one of your emails on the file in my office where you said, “I’ve been driving our new (but very old) VW truck to work – no radio – no way to plug in my Mp3 player – so I have had time each day to pray for you! God answers prayer! (it never gets old).


I’m grateful too for the list of praise verses you left in your Bible. I need those right now, and am going through them with you in mind…


finding things to praise.

Like the herbs you planted in my garden

and the swirls around a fancy dessert, and


Realizing that all we had never could be enough because we were made for eternity.


And you, my dear, have made heaven all the dearer.


Can hardly wait for the grand reunion.





**Note to readers. When I told Laurie her name Laurel meant crowning glory, she penned the string of letters for her special notes to mom (C.G. –Crowning Glory- ALMOTT – at least most of the time).

2 Comments on “Letters to a Daughter in Heaven

    • Thank you Linda. I do not know how people survive such loss without knowing a certainty that their soul lives on and that we will see them again. I am blessed each time I realize all the other lives Laurie touched too.


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