I Will … Because

Little words are so important.

How many times have I/we told God, I will if you will enable me, if you will show me, if …

But God’s promises are not dependent on our behavior, thankfully.

I can only run the way of His commands (declarations he has spoken) (for/ because) He enlarges (opens – makes wide – enables) my heart to want to do things God’s way.

I remember that what God declares (commands) happens. This is God’s declaration – it is not my feelings or emotions geared up into obedience.

Consequently,  I refuse to let the enemy tell me I cannot run God’s ways, or I will not run God’s ways,  because God’s word says,

not only I can run, or I might run, or even promising I will (someday) run,

but I do run – not because I am good or obedient, or special in any way, not because I whined that I would run if God did something for me first, but because the creator has spoken it -willed it to be, and opens my heart, changing my will to a natural and expected course from God declaring His love for me and causing my heart to open in response.

Love begets love…and causes us to open our hearts (wide – nothing held back) and freely respond, to God and to those we have opportunity to run to or run with

This is part of who we are in Christ.  It is not a rule we have to follow – it is a promise!

If you have responded to Christ, He will enlarge (open, expand) your heart.

Is your heart open today – to Christ, to others?

Then join me – Let’s go for a run!

The response of an “enlarged heart” – 2Cor. 6:11  Our mouth has spoken freely to you, O Corinthians, our heart is opened wide.




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