Replanting America’s Garden


2327Someone once said
“GRACE and MERCY are like the two oars in a row boat. Unless they are both used in balance, the one rowing will go around in circles and never arrive at their destination.”


Grace is defined as undeserved favor – in other words, God giving us what we don’t deserve.


God gave us the gift of His son and his taking our place on the cross.


Knowing about and receiving and experiencing that GRACE helps us to understand how to show grace to others.


2023We can show GRACE in Word

            There’s always a choice in how to respond – Choose to respond in GRACE – with kind words the person may not deserve, but with love for their souls.


We can show GRACE in Action

            By implementing MERCY


Mercy is compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. (Dictionary)


IMG_1401            Forgiveness, responding thoughtfully instead of reacting in similar tone or language, and watching for or asking if the person has a need we can fill, are all ways we can, in MERCY, show GRACE to others.


Grace AND Mercy work together because you and I know that words are fine, but actions reveal the heart behind the words.


Words can touch a person’s heart – or leave them cold. Words of grace, delivered with acts of Mercy (noticing the person, listening to them, thanking them for sharing their heart with you, honoring their souls created in God’s image).


Serving with Grace and Mercy is easier when we remember that it is often hurting people that lash out and hurt others. If we can meet their actions are met with gracious acts of mercy and grace

 We are God’s seeds, and seasoning to this bitter world…


1-LaurieChicagoLet’s make America’s garden grow –

Enjoy the Gaither Vocal Band, reminding us


Let’s sow grace and mercy!




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