I want to be FAT!

Shhh.  I know it is unexpected, but it is true.  All humor aside, 1375

You KNOW I mean — I want to be

F aithful

A vailable

T eachable


So here is my three-point goal for this week:



  • show up (devotions, meetings, writing, friend/spouse appointments, sleep)
  • strive to give before getting.  Be focused (make my goal about others first)
  • expect God to work





  • IMG_3535listen – check their eye and body language response – am I making others comfortable?
  • strive to affirm others’ concerns without thinking about my own – single agenda – be available
  • expect God to work




People are always more important than things

People are always more important than things


  • ask – get permission – don’t demand – to utilize their wisdom and experience (and then do what Florence Littauer told me – use it (with appropriate credit)
  • strive to build a relationship first (you will listen and learn more from someone you know and respect, and others are more likely to listen to you too.)
  • expect God to work


There it is.  A recipe for success – if that is, you want to be – you know



Job 8:9 For we’re newcomers at this, with a lot to learn,

and not too long to learn it.

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4 Responses to I want to be FAT!

  1. Mary P. Nettles says:

    Love it!


    • Yes, and here’s an interesting thought – what if we fed our soul as often as we do our bodies…and in same proportion of junk, life-giving or not….

      Would we be fat – or anemic or???


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