A Flash of Lightning and Flash the Donkey


“Thank you for being my lightning rod.”  Bldgtop


I certainly did not expect that comment in a recent card from a long-time friend.


I had to ask her what she meant and the picture presented was humbling, yes, but mighty scary too: – a long metal rod reaching into the clouds – accepting the crashing force of the lightning and grounding –it – redirecting it away from the object of its projected impact.


It was, of course, not so much a person she was describing, or for that matter, actual lightning – but more of a force or impact redirector.


Peace-LynnMosher-Storm-at-sea-2dLife’s storms are many and frequent. Its impact is almost always startling and sudden. Sometimes we realize too late we may have ignored static warnings, or thought we had the projected impact under control.


It is always humbling to be smacked with the realization we have no control whatsoever. But we do know the ONE who has, and we have the privilege from time to time to be a conduit for Him and His love to divert or cushion some huge blows for our brothers and sisters.  And not too many of us welcome or enjoy lightning.

KimafricaI have a granddaughter (Kimberly, you know who you are) who LOVE lightning storms. I know there are others of you who love lightning, and I know I am not one of them.

The Psalms describe lightning as God’s arrows – an example of his visible power; in Ezekiel lightning represents God’s judgment and contrasts with it “the rod of My son.” Strong’s Concordance defines the language of origin for “rod” to be a connector – a supporter of life – like the spoke of a wheel which points us to the hub.

Yet in Exodus “all the people experiencing the lightning were afraid and they pulled back and stood at a distance.” Cowering. That is what I tend to do in my own strength at the sight of life’s lightning. How ironic to be called a lightning rod. And yet…as a child of God we are given the power of being a deflector – a connector – a supporter of life.

Yesterday,  I was faced with a possibility. Sometimes possibilities are exciting. Sometimes they are fearful.

Fireworks-starlightEither way – I run to the lightning maker.

One of the verses I read: Psalm 29:2   In awe before the glory,

in awe before God’s visible power.


True, I thought. Only with His power could I be a lightning rod for Him. I am in awe to understand that His power can be seen in me – in us.


The reading – (I read several books at once and was led to a chapter of Flash the Donkey of all things!) The donkey had just been through a storm, trembling and fearful only steps away from shelter. The author’s lesson: Know where to find refuge.


IMG_2772I was so entranced at the reminder, that I read another chapter and this lesson made me laugh out loud.  Here is the lesson I learned from a donkey – the pursuit of excellence conquers fear!


The possibility I was facing was indeed a challenge to pursue excellence, and whether it is the path presented to me yesterday, or another that God directs me to follow, I have my answer.  If it is His plan He will empower.


His son was and is my rod.

His daughter/author of Flash the Donkey (Rachel Anne Ridge) was my rod.

And you who pray for me and support me were grounders too.


Thank you for being my lightening rod. We shall see what the future brings but whatever it is – or is not – this is still my goal:


Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31)

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