Beginnings of Faith – Thanks to Jacqueline

WhiteBible3This worn little white Bible that was given to my mother about thirteen years before I was born! has had many messages for me.  The giver was Mom’s Sunday School teacher when she was twelve.

I doubt the giver ever knew it has had many messages for me and made a difference in my life.  The giver was Mom’s Sunday School teacher when she was twelve.




I cannot read the entire name on the outside – Jacqueline …something? – If you can make it out, do let me know.

Jacqueline apparently wore off part of her name with use – and perhaps my mom did too as a young girl after she got the Bible. Jacqueline was obviously interested in Mom, and no doubt prayed for her. I wonder who else prayed for Mom over her lifetime and showed kindness like Jacqueline did – to give up one of her special possessions. I wonder since if God has shown her how WhiteBibleher gift has reached out and affected generations.

I wonder, too, about those who have prayed for me in years past. Teachers, neighbors, relatives from generations ago, missionaries, some whose names I will not know until glory. Some, I know who have become dear friends, mentors, and prayer partners from our time online, meetings at conferences, and some like Annette, Nancy, Crystal, Wanda, Margaret, Mary, Bonnie, Linda, Molly, Norita, Marian, and others who have prayed for me and for our family for decades.


I had the privilege about a year and a half ago to have a brief correspondence on a forum with a nurse who helped my mom – and to have her tell me she prayed for me then, and still does. Other sweet moments have been people like Martha who had been in my Pioneer Girls group eons ago, Ben who was in my preschool class at YTots, Debbie and GramChristianandMomfam025Cheryl Rae, who spent special moments before they left for glory, Christy, and Vanessa, Cindy, and Terri and Leslie, I still have your letters and notes from 20+ years ago and often re-read them, and on and on I could go. We are blessed to have such faithful support.

New friends are faithful prayer warriors also – Kim, Cyn, Dee, Pam, Ellen, Ron, Sharon, Anita, Janice, Deb, Dave, and so many more —I give thanks for you all daily, feeling blessed to pray, and blessed to be prayed for.

I wonder – If everything would have been different but for Jacqueline and her little white Bible.

IMG_3394Who do you pray for? Who prays for you?

Have you taken the time to send a postcard, make a call or send a bouquet to someone who has made a difference for eternity in your life – or in your parents’ lives.

Did you have a Jacqueline in your life too?

4 Comments on “Beginnings of Faith – Thanks to Jacqueline

  1. Great idea. Pray for you faithfully. You’ve done so much to help me.


    • Mary isn’t God amazing! Daily I get frustrated with technology and yet it enabled me to meet and link hearts to friends across the miles. Thank you for your faithful prayers. I think there’s a song that says what I am feeling: You make a difference in my life! Delores


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