Just Dial – God – no Cell Phone Needed!

Many if not most of the readers have a cell phone. While I appreciate the luxury of having 2181an emergency phone with me when I travel, I’m sure glad prayer doesn’t work the way cell phones do.


Haven’t you hit those “dead zones” where there are no towers to transmit the calls? (no dead zones with God – just call and He is there!) I’ve also dialed one phone company but reached another because I was in their area! (no wrong numbers with God – He can reach us even if we are in enemy territory.) Many companies have since developed cooperative contracts to use each other’s towers so a call might take a bit longer or be a bit weaker as it is transmitted from one signal to another. (no transfers to make with God – no mediators because of Christ’s work we have direct access 24/7).


I also get frustrated with costly contracts allotting only a certain number of minutes and certain calling periods. (Yep, you can talk all day to God if you want, and all night – no charge for any communication – outgoing or incoming.) Then there is the equipment that is often unclear, static filled, or needs to wait hours for battery recharging. I was appalled to find I had to purchase an extra program for my phone if I want to sufficiently hear communication and to find that hundreds of others had discovered and paid out to fix this acceptable “glitch”. (God’s equipment is very straight forward – and the only interference is my choosing to listen – or not.)


Emergency calling 911 is also a blessing, but it takes valuable time to update the staff with 7035necessary information such as who you are, where you are located, the nature of the emergency and other vital details. And then there are those pesky inhuman tape recordings that go on and on listing innumerable choices (though none meet your need), and never getting you to a person who can answer your questions.


(Doesn’t it make sense to go directly to the person who already has all that information and get instant help or guidance).


While it has been fun comparing calling on God and calling with a cell phone, I am serious in believing that God’s Word has the answer for all our needs and concerns.

Below is just a brief list of some of God’s encouragement and direction.

Dial 7-1-1 for emergency encouragement  EveryDayBible010


Alone and scared                                        dial                Psalm 23

Assurance (or reassurance) is needed    dial                Mark 8:35 & Psalm 145:18

Broke                                                             dial                Psalm 37

Burdened                                                      dial               Psalm 55:22

Depressed                                                    dial                Psalm 27

Faith is weak                                                dial                Hebrews 11

Feeling like an outcast                               dial                Romans 8:31-39

Going through hard times                         dial                Isaiah 43:2

Hurt and critical                                          dial                1 Corinthians 13

Help is needed                                             dial                Psalm 121: 1-2

In trouble                                                      dial                Psalm 138:7

It feels like God is far from you                dial                Psalm 139

Lacking courage                                          dial                Joshua 1 & Psalm 31:24

Losing hope                                                  dial                Psalm 126

Losing faith in mankind                             dial                1 Corinthians 13

Needing comfort                                          dial                II Corinthians 1: 3-4

People have failed you                               dial                Psalm 27

People seem unfriendly                             dial                John 15

Persecuted                                                    dial                II Corinthians 4:8-9

Praying for yourself                                    dial                Psalm 87 & Philippians 4:6-7

Sad                                                                 dial                John 14

Seeking peace                                              dial                Matthew 11:25-30

Seeking secret of success                          dial                Colossians 3:12-17

Sleep won’t come                                       dial               Psalm 4:8

Traveling                                                      dial                Psalm 121

Wanting to get along with other people  dial                Romans 12

Wondering about Christianity                   dial                2 Corinthians 5:15-18

World seems bigger than God                   dial                Psalm 90

Worried                                                          dial                Matthew 8:19-34

World finances cause worry                       dial                Mark 10:17-31

You are facing danger                                 dial                Psalm 91

You have big opportunity                           dial                Isaiah 55

You have fear                                               dial                Psalm 47 & John 14:27

You need Christ-like insurance                dial                Romans 8:1-30

You need security                                        dial                Psalm 121:3

You want eternal security                           dial                I John 5:11-13 & John 3:16-18

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One Comment on “Just Dial – God – no Cell Phone Needed!

  1. This one’s a keeper! I’ve printed it out for future reference.


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