Whose Team are YOU on?

Prolific author Cec Murphy gifts many writers each year with conference scholarships. I was one of those blessed to attend Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. IMG_4879


Every Writer Needs A Team was the theme. I went to find a team, but found a lot more – including new friends, a confidence transfusion, constant kindness ‘attacks,’ and a lesson I’ll never forget.


On the 6 hour drive, singing and praising God for the blessing, a part of Genesis 24:27 ran through my mind. To keep awake I did a mental verse study. Word by word the phrase, I, being in the way, the LORD led me, took on a deeper meaning.


National editors, publishers, writers, speakers would be there as some of my Team – co-workers to share God’s good news with others.


So I ask myself, what is being in the way?


Beingexisting – present –

Root word – golem, go´-lem; (existing) i.e. as the embryo:—substance yet being unperfect.


In – bending towards, immersed, a part of, enclosed or surrounded by something else, and showing want, as in needy


Thepoint forward to a following qualifying or specific thing  1-GodAllowsUTurn


Way – has many meanings depending how it is used. When in doubt I head to the original language.


Way – originates from derek, deh´-rek; figuratively, a course of life (in the act of moving forward, including eliminating obstacles to move forward) or mode of action such as guiding an arrow by bending it to draw into the right path



Led – (this one surprised me) geled, ghe´-led; from an unused root meaning to polish


Don’t you love it!


Paraphrased now it says

Still needing completion, Delores, immersed in taking action as a disciple of Christ, and bending to His will, was yieldpolished by the Lord.

Polishing has great results, but the process can sting, as well as require a lot of effort. Two of the people I spoke with told me it was obvious to them that God was leading me and to stop seeking more on my own – to just focus on and complete what I’d already been given.


Once again God reminded me that He is more concerned with my relationship with him than with my outreach and that the second will come out of the first. Maranatha was an incredibly affirming time, meeting encouraging editors, staff, speakers and teachers, and part of my Hartline team.  Harlineteam

You know me, I want to do it all, and by Friday I was wired. I whined in prayer that I wished I had not made so many appointments when God gently prodded if it ever occurred to me that perhaps some appointments were for me to encourage the presenter and not just “all about them encouraging me.”

Thus my takeaway was dual – one – stay actively present – inclined “in the way” and the Lord will lead me. (and He has – remarkably!) Two – I need to give first – to pray for and support – my team – not just expecting them to serve and feed me.
Now freshly observing the team at Maranatha striving to benefit us, I could see their exhaustion and sacrifice. The surprised looks and gratefulness when the tables were turned and I offered to pray for and encourage them was a gift.


I needed to realize God also placed me on their team!  Maranathanight


How has God led you and polished you while you were ‘in the way?”


I’d love to hear about it!

One Comment on “Whose Team are YOU on?

  1. You’re such a blessing, Delores, to remind us that no matter what the circumstance, God is in control.


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