The Recipes of Victory

When does the end begin when the end is really the beginning?

That’s where we are in Esther’s story.  Haman (her enemy) thinks the end of the Jewish nation is about to occur.  Esther, however, has run to God to pray for God’s direction.  That action was the beginning of the end (the Victory of Deliverance)—and Purim—which is this Saturday –  Sat. March 15.

Hawaii-Israel Alignment

The rest of Esther’s story will continue after Purim because it is so interconnected with the Passover.  But on to the story and a few Victory Party Recipes:

Post 5 of 10. Recipe for Wisdom

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom


Xerxes’ pitiful example illustrated how decisions made in haste, or anger usually ends in regret.

Realizing she had no ability or power of her own, Esther chose to trust God on behalf of her people, telling Mordecai to ask all to fast and pray with her for 3 days to seek God’s direction.

Too often, only when all our options are exhausted, do we run to God. From Esther and Xerxes stories, we learn to run to God first, trusting Him to work through me, or someone else.

The combination of prayer and fasting is mighty. Esther’s example, to step back, evaluate, and seek God’s wisdom instead of reacting, continues to serve us well in our life of constantly impending threats and crisis.

Esther’s people were delivered when Haman’s plan to exterminate all Jewish peoples backfired, and the celebration of this event is Purim.  I hope you will be celebrating Purim this Saturday!

Prayer Chain - prayers for us by women who didn't know us.. Reminding us our struggles give us basis to pray for our sisters on the same journey.
Prayer Chain – prayers for us by women who didn’t know us.. Reminding us our struggles give us basis to pray for our sisters on the same journey.(from TrueWomenConference inspires me to make a prayer chain for the women of Israel

What I like to Do BEFORE Purim

Have some type of fasting to remember Esther’s preparation. 3 days or 3 meals, or 1 day to fast of 3 things you usually have every day (coffee, soda, or can be other than food like phone, TV, internet)

What to Do ON Purim

* Pray for Israel –

* Give gifts to poor people.

* Read the Megilla, the Purim story (the book of Esther)

* Eat a festive meal, or seudah and Hamantaschen (tri-corner cookies evocative of Haman’s ears!)  Gluten Free recipe at JewessesWithAttitude

* Give food gifts, called mishloah manot, to our friends.

…and more


1-StarblueCelebration of Deliverance 2014

Sunset on Saturday, March 15, to Sunday evening, March 16

I’d love to hear if you found a Messianic-Jewish congregation, a synagogue, or begin your own Purim tradition and prayed for Israel. (The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) or Christians4Israel-PrayerLetter

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