Antidote for shopping

I got an invitation in the mail today.  I was invited to audition for a play at Racine’s Theater Guild. 

First thought:  how sweet of them to think of me…

Second thought – wait a minute – this is a play about a handful of 80 year old women!

Third – (rather desperate thought) – Someone must either have a great costume and makeup package or    think I have highly defined acting skills 🙂

Contributed thought: Maybe they just enjoy watching someone who enjoys laughing at herself. (Ok, ok, it was more like, maybe they need a good laugh…)

The play is kind of a humorous Arsenic and Old Lace.   My dear DIL thinks I would fit right in the part (she calls me when she sees ‘mature’ female detectives and says they reminded her of me) but she also wonders if I have time for the practices…   Maybe if I hadn’t agreed to write the parts between songs for the Memorial Day cantata and hadn’t already paid for dance lessons, or applied for that part-time job, or…

The play is a couple weeks in April and there is usually 6 weeks of practice every day before the play.  They do let you list at tryout any previous commitments, so….

Fourth (spontaneous and fun thought) Maybe it would be fun just to try out.  Cheaper than shopping!

2 Comments on “Antidote for shopping

    • I did try out but did not get a part. It was fun, but I’m glad it worked out that way timewise, as I’ve just had other opportunities presented to me. If I can, I’d like to go to the play just to see if the people I “selected” at tryout are the ones who actually got the parts 🙂


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