Wouldn’t you think I’d know better?

11 Million.

I recently read one of Andy Andrews’ books where he asks  “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?”  He wonders and explains in the short book how Hitler got millions of people to go to their death with so little resistance. The answer – he pursued them, deceived them until they believed him, (interview link below) reminded me of this verse:

1Pet. 5:8 says: Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, IMG_2645seeking someone to devour.


Interestingly the Hebrew word for seeking, beqar means to conduct a search, to be in pursuit, and is also connected with the timing of a Lion’s hunt: before and after light – early morning and at night


Our two most vulnerable times.

Where does the lion find us in the early morning?  In a strong place, greeting the Lord with excitement for another day; leaning into him, and listening for directions for the new day or making our own plans?  Are we in fellowship… or too tired and dazed to realize we are in danger, wandering in solitary; vulnerable to be picked off?


Like Satan, lions are often credited with more power than they have. Lions are not very fast animals, and because most of their prey could run faster than them, lions utilize different hunting methods:

One – the lion finds something to hide in close to what the prey needs or wants – like brush or a big bush near water. Most of the day the lion actually sleeps waiting for “us” to come along, so we walk right into the trap not expecting a thing.  It ‘looks’ safe: what could go wrong?

The second type is where the lion stalks from hiding place to hiding place and jumps out at the surprised prey with a burst of speed. If the lion is seen as it sneaks from spot to spot it sits up and stare around innocently, like it just happened to be there and is intending no harm.  It would be hilarious if it didn’t sadly represent times when I’ve stupidly walked right on into Satan’s trap while the trap was fully visible)

Stupid, lazy or over-confident?

The lion’s prey seems to have remarkably short memories, walking into the same trap repeatedly, even within a very short time. (Ouch, this is getting personal)

While the prey is being so lackadaisical the lion, amazingly good at hiding, just takes it’s time waiting for dinner with incredible patience.  It worked before.  The prey walked into the trap and was devoured. The rest of their bunch run off, then stupidly within hours come right back to the same spot, apparently thinking it couldn’t happen twice!

Wouldn’t you think if it saw what happened to its brother, it would back off, turn away or run?  Nope.

Wouldn’t you think that when one of the deer wandered off from the group (like a lone-ranger away from the protective fellowship of the church), and got snatched up by the lion, the other deer would learn?  Nope.  They repeatedly stray from the family cluster that could save them.

Wouldn’t you expect that the prey would know they can run 4 times as fast as the lion and therefore make sure to be alert and run soon as they spot a lion? Nope. They have more fear of what cannot be seen, then what can. When a lion does appear they all watch it, thinking they are safe because they can see it – way over there.

They freeze for a minute, and watch the lion either lay down or walk off and they edge closer because they do not “see” or understand the danger right in front of them.


Wouldn’t you think that I would be different than the prey, knowing I also am being sought after by a roaring lion, understanding now how he hunts, how he acts so innocent while waiting for me to let down my guard?

Wouldn’t you think I would never return to the place (or thing) where I or a brother or sister almost got devoured?

Wouldn’t you think I would stay close to the master, to watch and learn, and not wander off with a cocky do it my way attitude?

Wouldn’t you think I’d be sure to stay in hiding, close to the master, during those vulnerable hours when I know the lion likes to whisper to tired minds, to distract and depress my spirit from drawing near to the master to learn about the secrets of escape?

First thing in the morning

Last thing at night


Psa. 46:1           God is a safe place to hide,

ready to help when we need him.


James 4:7 Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.


*Michael Hyatt interviews Andy Andrews about 11 Million

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