A $2 Blessing

When I first read Bruce Wilkinson’s books such as The God Pocket sharing stories of God’s leading, I was torn.  I was excited to think that God could similarly use me, but also frustrated because most of his adventures seemed to center around very large monetary gifts, and that was not even a possibility to think about.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet him in person, and to hear him confirm that he was only saying that God wants us to be willing to share what we have.

That’s when I realized that God had both blessed me with opportunities to deliver petition requests with what I had.  Similarly, many people had blessed me in ways that didn’t always involve money, providing clear, direct and specific answers to prayer, I began documenting the stories.

Those of you who have read the God Allows U Turns books, or perhaps have listened to Chapel of the Air radio programs have heard the story of how God challenged us to trust Him with what we had (our food budget for 6 months) and how that need was provided to the last detail.

That miracle – for to us it was indeed that – prepared us for many more “little miracles”, if there is such a thing.  Through a series of God-happenings we were blessed with a down payment on our home, and Ken set off to work the day after we moved in with $2 left in my purse.

Though I’d been so completely blessed, I was fully intending to hoard that last $2, until, that is, the doorbell rang.  It was the first morning in our home and the doorbell was ringing!  The doorbell.  In OUR home.  Perhaps someone was welcoming us into the neighborhood. (Yep, I’m a 1960s Pollyanna of optimism)

When I answered the door with my toddler on my hip, I knew it wasn’t a neighbor.  The wispy-haired old man was tall. His curved shoulders, draped with a threadbare shirt and suspenders holding up baggy khaki pants revealed he was thin, too thin.  He held in his hand a crudely whittled brown-painted stand with a tiny flag on a pole.  The flag was held by string that allowed one to raise and lower the flag. “Are you selling these?” I asked.  He nodded affirmatively.  “How much?”  $2.  God had blessed us so much getting us into this home. How could I not bless this needy man?  His eyes were not begging, but trusting and hopeful, I thought. He pocketed the bills and looked me in the eye, without a word he nodded his thanks and turned.  I stood bemused and watched him pause at the bottom of my stairs, straighten his spine and walk away, taller it seemed than when he stood on my porch.

I’d had only two dollars that day.  God, is that what you can do with what little I have?  That picture of restoration remained in my mind and I began putting $2 in an envelope each payday.

Two-dollars?  What can you do with that, these days?

Give it to someone in the checkout that is short some change.

Pay for a cup of coffee.

Cover a bus ride

Get an ice-cream cone

Have a couple stamps in the envelope for someone in line at the post office with one or two letters in their hand and frequent glances at their watch.

And you can think of more.

I often include a little note in the envelope saying “Because God blessed me” or “Pass on the blessing when you can”.

Sometimes I also put in a gospel tract or picture card with a Bible verse

I’d love to hear other ideas, or what you have done to bless someone with $2.

Go ahead – Be The Blessing!

2 Comments on “A $2 Blessing

  1. After reading the God pocket, I started folding $5 bills inside a folded prayer. I’d give them to people that God seemed to point out. I’d say, “Put this in your pocket and read it later.” I was hoping that when they saw the $5, they’d follow through and read the prayer.I felt rather “cheap” because I could only do $5. Your story makes me feel more comfortable. Many times I’ve had the recipient come to me and say, Thank You. You’ll never know how much this means.”


    • Phyllis, Thanks for stopping by. I learned early that God never asks us to give what we don’t have. It was lessons like the $2 blessing that showed me there are always others with less than I have that I can bless. Remember too the story of the widow’s mite in Luke 21:2-3 “And He (Jesus) saw a certain poor widow putting 1in atwo 2small copper coins. And He said, “Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all of them; (because she put in all she had). Small things to us are big things with God!


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