Simpledown Shopping

Finally a day with enough time to wander and explore – without, hopefully spending much money!

Coupons, credits, rebates and sale list in hand, I went to Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlet.  My first stop was Jockey as they frequently send email coupons and $10 coupons to use like cash.  I got a nice “activewear” black jersey top with side pockets for $3 after the coupon.  Next stop was Nike sale which yielded nothing as they do not carry short or petite clothing that I or a salesclerk could find.  A credit for the Corning Ware store has spent the winter in my wallet and I’d finally decided I’d try a stainless steel pan and cover set which happened to be on sale.  That total was $20 after sales and credit and I’m very happy with the Revere Ware pan.

I needed a dessert for an event and rather than purchase ingredients which I don’t want in the house (sugar, flour, etc), Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies were elegantly decorated with chocolate and a variety of toppings (toffee, coconut, etc.) without an elegant price.  Individually wrapped graham snacks (20 packages for $3) were a great bargain for the grandchild visits.

Ghiradelli was handing out Peppermint Bark and Dark Chocolate snacks so that of course tempted me off course to purchase some, but the outlet prices were still too high for my budget. Instead I purchased a reduced price Christmas package of the peppermint bark for $1.19.  If I want more chocolate, I can melt a few chocolate chips and pour on top of the squares. Also found a nice birthday treat there for $3.99.

A $10 off $40 coupon for another store got a two-piece “Active Wear” outfit, and a hair-appliance ($11) to replace mine that burned out. Total cost $31.

Our family enjoys ‘recycled’ and creative gift-wrap and gag gifts, and those items finished off the shopping at a very modest cost.

It was great to be out in the sunshine and to conquer the list without going over budget.  Simpledown shopping may take a little more planning, but it brings a lot more satisfaction – and the freedom of knowing everything is paid for, I don’t have to hide anything from the hubby when I get home, and he’s happy instead of worried when I come in with my shopping bags. For that a bit of decadent chocolate and a few strawberries from the fridge becomes a celebration of Simpledown shopping!  I’m enjoying this.

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