Changed motive brings blessing

My motive was backward.

Proverbs 16:2 says All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight,

But the LORD weighs the motives. (Hebrew Ruach – spirit)


That’s what – helped to motivate me – to change my attitude – my spirit – about volunteering at the Third Day concert last night.


I asked the Lord as I’ve done before to help me be a blessing to someone last night.  Then on the way there I began analyzing what I had with which to bless someone.


Funny how I do that.  See, we set aside funds every month for spontaneous blessing of others.  It’s fun to carry ‘God’s money’ in my pocket and to be open to sharing that as He leads.  But what happens once I’ve given the money?  Am I done for the month?

That was how my thoughts were running on the 2-hour (usually 45 minute) drive to Elmbrook for the concert.

Of course God reminded me of the spiritual truths I have to share but definitely confirmed that tonight what I needed to share was my trust for Him to answer that ‘make me a blessing’ prayer.


99% of the people approaching the ticket table were strangers to me.  I was blessed by the conversations I heard and the unexpected surprise of several of these strangers handing me tickets instead of picking them up.  Know what came with the tickets?


“Here, bless someone with this.”


I had to smile with my thought – “God that is so like you!” – To remind me that whatever I ever have to bless someone with is from Him anyway.  Like I thought because I’d ‘run out’ of my little ‘God’s pocket money” there was nothing left.


First God had someone else hand me the blessing, then I got to hand the blessing to someone else, to explain the cost was already paid and then to deflect the thanks where it belonged – “God must have a message there for you tonight – be sure to listen for it and thank Him for it”

I know I heard the message.

And I thank God for getting me there so I could hear it.

One Comment on “Changed motive brings blessing

  1. Yes, indeed God always is on time with blessings.
    I was trying to encourage a young person (male) in my family in another state who is having major teenage issues. He made a serious mistake (wanted to commit suicide only to scare his parents–he didn’t really do it). I was trying to encourage him that he is not what he has done. That he was a good person in his heart and soul. I wanted to share a Christian band and song with him about that, but could not remember the the name of the song. So, I went on K-Love, (105.3) a Christian radio station and bamm there it was…the song had just played. God knew I needed that song just at the right time. He’s always faithful in my life, too! HUGS Delores


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