I’ve actually never liked the word leftovers, and prefer to instead call food that is left over after a meal -an abundance.    Those abundances are being utilized or distributed even more carefully with my simple-down resolution.

A new recipe is a Mediterranean quesadilla.  What a yummy way to utilize the little of this and that remaining in the refrigerator.  Bits of meat and veggies are turning into salads, quiche, fritatta or soup and fruits are mixed into rich custard brulees, poured over nut tortes, or whipped into protein smoothies.

Abundances were sought recently via a call about a young family whose home was destroyed by fire. They have nothing, she said.  That happened to my niece years ago and I know how devastating that can be.  It was revealing as I looked around my home and imagined myself or my child being in such a situation, how many more things I saw that I could share.

Sharing improves one’s view of abundances, too, and brought to notice some I’ve been given that I don’t think about often enough.  My granddaughter made some suggestions for cleaning cabinets and rearranging the furniture as we hunted for things to share, and we spent the morning finding muscles long forgotten. That was greatly due to the abundance of scrapbooks we had to remove so we could lift a credenza.

Of course we began poking through some of the books which ranged from 5x5x1/2” to 14x16x6” thick!  Hundreds and hundreds of pages containing thousands of blessings of our family and friends.

As I put things into bags, I recalled where I got them, how they were provided for me to share, and was reminded again of the many blessings God has caused in my life in addition to adopting me!  Not just material things, mind you, but good memories, opportunities to share God’s love and the love of friends and family – people who know more about me than I wish they did, and love me anyway.

We plan to continue hunting for abundances – whether a shelf, a drawer, a bag or box a week, or a thought, a blessing, a joy – we’re hunting for abundances that would bless someone else.

My verses today reminds me of the words of Mordecai to Esther when he told her God brought her where she was with what she had for “such a time as this.”… Although it is natural to doubt that our small part could make such a huge difference as Esther’s life… both are God’s plan to show His love, and every bit of Him that I share has possible eternal results!

In John 10:10 Jesus said I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.

And 2Corinthians 8:14 at this present time your abundance being a supply for their want…

I am blessed to have His abundant life, and I am blessed to share it.





2 Comments on “Abundances

  1. I love your posts! You are an amazing gal. Thank you so very much for sharing. I cant help but love you! And am very thankful for your insight, your heart and your love for humankind – I asked Jesus once How, Lord can I love you more? I want to love you more. He said to me, “Love my people” and you do just that … everyday. Thank you!


  2. wow! great post! That scripture in Esther4:14B is my life verse. The Lord has been on me for the last few months (years) about waste…to not waste any of the resources He has provided for me. thanks for the reminder!


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