Am I Becoming My Grandma?

We’re all experiencing changes during the pandemic quarantine.  I’m wondering if my changes mean I am  becoming my own grandma!

Here’s why – Instead of focusing on wish I’d been better prepared, I’m “doing a Grandma” and

  • TAKING inventory of what I do have and praising God for it

I’d just begun avoiding salt. That meant ordering some staples like pizza sauce with no salt in quantity. In summer I purchase fresh, blanch and freeze. This summer I may, depending on situation find a recipe I like and make my own tomato puree/pizza sauce

–     EVALUATING what I should use up first (just had a beet, sour cream and cranberry balsamic salad and creamy chicken rice soup is in the fridge for dinner). P.S. the beet salad may sound weird but it was yummy! I’ll definitely make that again.

  • CRUISING cookbooks and searching internet and planning meals pantry items

It’s amazing what you can find when looking for recipes using artichoke spread! (bought for a party that might not happen for quite some time but now sounds possible on a Keto pizza crust and topped with some leftover chicken bits)

  • RESEARCHING substitutes I can utilize for things I may be low on so I can wait to go shopping again

1 cup sugar = 1/2 cup applesauce.

1 cup butter = 1 cup mashed avocado (good in chocolate brownies etc)

Butter/oil/margarine = equal parts of either unsweetened applesauce or mashed banana (for baking)

1 egg = 1 tbsp. chia seeds + 3 tbsp. water –grind in a spice mill – (or flax seed and mix in blender)

  • FIGURING out where I might be wasting things

Curious me measured the amount of water that usually goes down the drain waiting for warm water for washing self or dishes (about 1/3 gallon!). I now catch that with a gallon jug and add a few PH drops to make the water alkaline (lower in salt and better for me). Then I go to that water first for soup, etc.

  • CREATING new habits replacing wasteful things
  • Last year I tried microfiber cloths but did not like the feeling of the fibers poking or sticking to the skin on my hand, so I set the pkg aside for potential car wash. Now I decided they would make a good washable paper-towel replacement. I’m not saying we will never buy paper towels again, but I am hoping to come close to that or using a couple rolls a year.
  • DRINKING (ha ha I did NOT mean that!) I meant drinking half a glass of water before eating anything so I will eat less (lost 8# so far)
  • PACKING what I have too many of and preparing it to go to needy families, YWCA Dress for Success, or a favorite resale shop


  • LEANING into the Lord – yes Grandma did that too. It’s all too easy to make those morning devotions to be in a minute, or after breakfast, or soon as I finish… but I recall when our oldest was a toddler how she did not want me to leave the room to have my quiet time, and I’ve seen those pictures of paint, food, or cupboard contents everywhere when Mom slipped out to the bathroom for just a minute, so I began training that child, and later, the others, to have a quiet time themselves. I selected some “quiet time only” books or toys and began with one minute where I was in her vision and we had our quiet times. It eventually got up to 15 minutes. Was such a little time profitable? My first answer is what happened a couple days later when I slept too long and the day began rushed. An hour or so later my toddler put her hands on both sides of my face and asked, “Mommy did you forget your quiet time?”. She could tell the difference!

Admittedly I am still training my husband that sitting in my specially indicated reading chair indicates I am either in private discussion with the Lord or working by reviewing material. J Honest. And if (cross that out I mean when) I get through all these books I have another 70 or so in the bedroom and more coming in the mail, which I’ll need to read first. It’s a warm sunny spot that I appreciate. Hard to focus when shivering.

Are a few minutes of devotions profitable? Check out

I know I certainly need daily devotions, but I also realize things are more challenging with the fluidity of time in a quarantine – as well as more tempting to do it later.

I encourage you to grab that minute with God no matter how busy your schedule looks – you will be glad you did. I know I am.


And yes, I know I posted the first thing last. I usually like to confirm how much I am a last things first person – making sure the last things I want done at the end of the day are first on my list. So yes, the devotions should come first, and yes, I posted it at the end on purpose because if anything will make our day start—and end— better, it’s a few minutes with the Lord! And if you will remember anything from this post it is likely to be the last thing I wrote!


So- if you didn’t have a quiet time yet today, please do it now, then take a look at the Grandma things I’m doing lately and let me know if you’ve got some things to add to my list – I’m always ready to learn.





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