A New Adventure

How do you handle things when life gets crazy, wacky, almost out of control?


Well my life has been busy with some unprecedented caregiving, health issues, and very little sleep. I have two precious sisters who are nagging me, (just kidding) I mean, loving me into some form of submission. But I digress… here’s the story:


About a month ago I signed up for a senior exercise program and because I am (ahem) of – or should I say – beyond – a certain age, I was required to have a doctor sign a permission slip. I was a bit ticked and felt like an elementary kid going to get my permission slip. Well.


My Bp was 240/158. Yes, you read that correctly. The doctor knows my busy busy dizzy life, and looked me in the eye and said carefully, This. Is. A. Medical. Emergency. He got my attention. Note that I did not feel ill. I thought I perhaps had an allergy as my ears felt full and my scalp felt a little tight.


I went home and got to my husband as he finished mowing the lawn and he drove me to the emergency room. On the way there I thought I have to realize this could be my homegoing! I was not afraid. I was peaceful. I called the kids and asked them to pray, and I began chanting, Peace. I knew my doctor had meant every word he said and if I got nervous about it I’d make the numbers climb higher. So I kept saying Peace. Peace. Peace and deep breathing.


By the time we got there the numbers had started to go down – well, down to 220/120 and thereabouts. Soon I was getting my Bp taken over and over and had an IV put in for meds to get it down. I kept saying Peace, whatever they did to me, and someone asked, “What are you muttering?”




Long story short I was in ICU for 3 days and had a raft of tests. All of the tests came back “unremarkable.” Awwe. And here I always thought I was special. Ha ha. The nice part of this adventure (besides no damage to any body parts) was that the doctor in the emergency room asked if I had stress in my life and I laughed. He asked what I did to relax and I told him I speak and write. Of course the staff asked what I spoke about (Finding purpose despite an abusive past) and what I wrote about (God’s loving attention to our needs and activating our faith to Be the Miracle for others).


People came into my room in ICU and asked about my book and I was able to share it and my story with several of them.


None of the tests were able to reveal what (other than stress and sneaking chocolate and potato chips) had likely caused the Bp to be so high. I had a new mission – to find something to lower it and to keep it as ‘normal’ as possible.


That was accomplished and then I decided I would like to have some coaching to guide lifestyle changes. I found one lady online who had a 5-day no-sugar challenge. We got to know one another, and she was helpful by teaching me that no-sugar meant excluding all foods that raise the insulin level, and recommending I get my thyroid tested.


I’ve done that and should get the results this week or next. The combination of these events had me feeling I was at the starting point of a new phase of life but surrounded by detours. Then a member of my AWSA (Advanced Speakers and Writers Association) put me in touch with a degreed person willing to coach two people as he pursued a higher degree in Health Coaching and I was selected!


So, here I go, about to get enlightened, encouraged (I’ve already gotten that at my entrance interview), and, hopefully, learning to better control life’s stress while developing deeper into all that God created me to be.


I’ve only begun, but it was a wonderful start for me to hear my new coach say I should feel free to be OUTRAGEOUS!


The next 6-8 weeks – depends on how attentive a student I am – should be interesting and fun.


Well time to go do my homework!



7 Comments on “A New Adventure

    • Thank you. Sorry this response is so belated. We’ve been inundated with caregiving responsibilities. I appreciate your stopping by, and am blessed that my new adventure goals touched your heart.


  1. Love this post, Delores!! Just thought you should know that when I tap on your book cover it takes me to an error message on your website.

    On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 9:49 PM Activating Faith! wrote:

    > Delores Liesner posted: “How do you handle things when life gets crazy, > wacky, almost out of control? Well my life has been busy with some > unprecedented caregiving, health issues, and very little sleep. I have two > precious sisters who are nagging me, (just kidding) I” >


    • Becky, not sure why, but the last two months messages just showed up. I am checking into the book click. I don’t get that issue on my computer, but will have others
      test it out for me. Thanks for letting me know.


  2. Delores, thinking for letting us know. I’ll be praying for you. Sleep is important. If there is anything I can do from Texas let me know.


    • Lyndie, thanks! The greatest thing you can do is to pray! I guess the older we get the more we realize that “I’ve done all I can now all I can do is pray” is most definitely backward! Gratefully, I’m also learning it’s never too late in life to make changes 🙂 Thank you for the love. I love rocks and you are A rock from TX 🙂


    • Lyndie, Sorry my response is so belated. I’m not sure why the messages didn’t show up. What you are doing from TX is the best that anyone can do from anywhere.
      I so appreciate when I hear someone is praying for me. No better gift!


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