How to be a Noticer

  “Remember me, take notice of me,” – Jeremiah 15″15 NASB

Jer. 15:15 is in the heart of every soul – It is a cry to our creator, God – to

“Remember me, take notice of me,” – NASB

Inspect me

Visit me

Remember why I am here (remind me why I am here)

It is not ‘just’ those in nursing homes, hospitals, Veteran’s homes that feel forgotten.

We all want to be noticed, but sometimes feel invisible – even in a crowd.

You know how that feels, so you know a bit of how others feel too.

How can I be a noticer?

That is a question often asked by people who have read my book, Be the Miracle.

That is a question often asked by people who have read my book, Be the Miracle.


Here’s a tiny test which has opened my eyes – to ask myself:

What did you miss?


The last time you went to do errands, take a walk, etc. who did you see – (besides those you had on your list to see and planned to see)


Can you describe anyone from the grocery store, the gas station, the post office?

Did you meet their gaze? Smile? Open a conversation?

If you, like most of us, are in a rush, and short of time – you know just TOO BUSY to add anything to your list

Try this – Prepare for an encounter:


Spend 7 minutes with God seeking direction.

I like to focus on yesterday – praying about yesterday whether it was a bummer of a day or a praise-filled one – and asking God to make today more God-directed. 2 minutes

—Read scripture – even if one verse- underline or journal if there is anything that relates to your personal life that you should do, not do, or something new you learned. If not, select a key word from the passage and think on that verse today 3 minutes


Close in prayer asking God to help you obey any commands, to take a step to activate the key word or thought from the passage – 2 minutes



Go – looking and expecting God will lead you to share a smile, a word, or something you have ready (I and several friends have done these)

gospel tracts and a piece of candy in a Ziploc bag

A card with a sticker and the word or verse for the day

A couple dollars and a card or verse

(in cold weather, it’s thoughtful to carry a pair of stretch mittens and a verse)


How –Go – to places of loneliness or wherever your list takes you today – but notice them– Let them know you saw them (if they are sad or dirty or sick – don’t look away

connect – share a smile and verse or sit beside them

if appropriate, compliment their clothing or hairstyle or beautiful smile that made your day.

Offer something you carry with you to give away (if they back away when you offer it, just ask did you get one of these? So they know you are not selling anything

Ask Questions or make statements – open the conversation like you would with a friend

“Can I help you?”   “Do you need directions?” or rather than a direct question you can share a tidbit of your terrible yesterday – or this helped me, could you pass it on?

Did you get one of these?

Life can be challenging / disconcerting / difficult can’t it

Life has been ______ for me lately – for you too?

Boy after my 3 disasters yesterday, I am sure glad the sun is shining.

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to be the miracle for someone?

So have you noticed anyone today? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Be the Miracle!

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