Join the Resurrection Celebration!

I found a new way to celebrate the resurrection, and YOU are invited to participate. It’s called The Lazarus Experiment.  

The Lazarus Experiment found me after I was newly diagnosed with macular degeneration, and shocked by the opening sentence in The Essential Guide to Macular Degeneration: Whatever you want to see, or have wanted to see or do – do it now.



It’s natural to take much for granted in the daily routine of life, and the possibility of losing any of our senses is reeling. I realized I would be forever known as a fool if I did not follow the eye-doctors’ vitamin and diet recommendations known to slow AMD’s progression. I would also be a fool to pass on the Lazarus experiment.



What did we do? Rather than giving up something as many do during the pre-resurrection Lenten season, the 70 participants were encouraged to consider how Lazarus might have experienced his days after being brought back to life…to say and do what you might have regretted not doing had you been Lazarus and died unexpectedly. Wouldn’t we all love that second chance at life!


The amazing things to me were the continuity of an attitude of praise and confidence in God to turn even the bad things into something good for our benefit, and the freedom to reveal oneself so publicly.


Facing oneself and questioning if you are truly living to your full ability of praise, worship, thankfulness, and joy, it is easy to see the shadows and imagine that you are alone. 40 days of focused joy at being alive, sharing life’s intimacy with the Lazarus group and seeing God move in my life through their insights and inspirations, made me realize I was getting to know some of these across-the-world friends better than I know some neighbors!


The question and the answer remain the same: How I can live today fully immersed in the realization that I am experiencing the gift of life? Live like Lazarus!


Facebook Invitation closes Sunday Night – Experiment begins Monday after Easter!

 Search for The Lazarus Experiment and click on ” join group” and you will be in!

Information About The Lazarus Experiment:

To all of you who have joined up for 2014 – thanks for being here. What a great group so far!

I want to give you a brief description of the group so you know what you’ve gotten into. This will also help you to invite friends to the group – they’ll see right away how it all works. (If you want, you can even copy and paste this onto your own page or personal message invite to friends).

The Lazarus Experiment simply asks, “How would Lazarus live differently once he’d been called out of the grave?” Lazarus gives us all a picture of our own new life in Jesus. We’ve been called out of death into life. But are we really living as if it happened? Do we live like Laz?

So, for forty days, the challenge is to do ONE THING EVERY DAY that is distinctively Lazarus-like. One thing that sets your life apart from the average Joe. One thing that says to whoever is looking, “I’m alive! Oh yes, I am!” And we’ll share our experiences with each other here, on Facebook, with the whole group.

Here is a way to start thinking about the forty things you will do. They need to be . . .

* Intentional. The more active and out of the normal they are, the better. Don’t be passive about it, and don’t simply come to the end of a day and say, “Well, I noticed a flower blooming today.” Instead, make a plan, or do something spontaneously outrageous, but go out of your way to do it.

* Generous. Really – would Lazarus scrimp? Would Lazarus hold back? Would Lazarus try to expend as little energy or time or resources as possible to just get by? I don’t think so. Let’s shoot for big stuff.

* Bold. When Lazarus gave Mary and Martha a hug (after a good long shower), do you think it was a gentle little squeeze? Whatever you do, do it as if Jesus had just pulled you up out of the pit.

Please plan on checking in to the group page everyday. Post what you’re doing. Post about how God may be working in your life. Ask for help, if you need it.

Another reason to check the group page: Every day I’ll be posting an encouragement, quote, song, and motivation as needed. This will give you ideas and thoughtful direction for your Lazarus Experiment.

PLEASE take a moment and share this post and The Lazarus Experiment with a friend. You can invite friends to join us at any time during the forty days, but getting started from day one is the best! Let everyone know what you’re doing!

Please also check with us tomorrow, as we’ll have some direction regarding how to get the most out of the Experiment. And we’ll also start our introductions.

We kick off in three days! I’m looking forward to what God will do through our mutual attempt to Come Awake!


Also, if you haven’t read this article yet, you may want to check it out:


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