2013 – A Single “Resolution”

It’s the New Year!  Every year resolutions come and go. It’s a fact that only 40% of people make it to the IMG_3644second month of most resolutions.

I have only one resolution this year and that is to live expectantly in the Lord instead of listing high expectations for myself.

Oh, I need plenty of help – I could list stay on schedule, exercise, eat better, spend less money, limit Facebook time, and on and on.  And some, if not all of those things, will be in God’s plan for me, for they would not disturb me if His spirit were not directing my ways.  When I set up my own expectations (demands) I often can ‘expect’ to fail!  LIving by God’s plan is far different.  That’s why I choose to live expectantly!

To live expectantly, I plan to open three doors:

1:  Stop – each morning I want to stop planning today already and look back and remember what God did in my life the previous day.  Perhaps protect me, perhaps allow me to share something with someone else, or allowed me to be blessed through another, or perhaps I was taught something new…He was there in my life, and I need to recognize it.

If I think “nothing” happened yesterday, that itself is something to celebrate.  Comparing it to the news and seeing all that I have (or don’t have) can prepare me for an act of fellowship with God (thankful for no new crisis) or for ministry the following day.

2.  Look – Reading the Word, reviewing the names of God and their meaning in my life personally, prayer and journaling are some of the ways to look for God’s direction for today

If I ‘think’ I heard or saw nothing new for me today (seldom happens, but if it does) I go through pictures of family and friends and repeat the praying for them and their needs.

3.  Listen – As I go about my day I purposely plan to pause to listen to God’s voice, to notice people and things; being watchful and see what God is doing today.  I keep a note card and pen in my purse to write down a word or two when I see something that touches my heart.

I know from experience that God will surprise me every day.  I expect God to be actively present in my life because He promised to do so and He keeps His promises.

This year I will look at God’s Word as His resolutions for my life – and stop, look, and listen to note how many are kept in 2013.  I’m expectant! 365 or more noticings to come!

2Chr. 16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

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