Blog – Who I Am In Christ? # 18 – Spicy!

My hubby says I am his spice of life!

Jesus says I am also the salt of the earth – Matthew 5:13  “You are the salt of the earth; (not will be, might be, could be, can be…but are!)


if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore…


Ken and I married only 7 months after we met.  You know that first-date stage where you show your best behavior and wonder how the other will react if they find out about some of your weird or unusual personality quirks or likes?  We were still in that stage when we got lost in the country while looking for a strawberry farm.  Passing a quaint English church bordered with tombstones,  Ken must have seen my wistful look and pondered it as we passed by.   A few minutes later he turned the car around, and parked beside the church.  His tentative questions led to the mutual discovery that we both enjoyed reading tombstones in cemeteries!


The highlight of this one belonged to a young wife and mother. It said, “She was the light of our home.”   Wondering what we would put on ours, Ken surprised me, saying he’d say I was the spice of his life!


Now, mucho years later, we joke about how the right amount of the right spice adds a vital nuance, but there ARE a few things that can go wrong:


These 7 thoughts apply to every part of our lives:


  1. Jesus said when we are IN CHRIST, we ARE the salt of the earth.  That carries a responsibility to rightly season the earth


  1. Apparently the salt comes with appropriate flavor, because it can become tasteless and useless.


  1. Spices preserve as well as season and flavor that to which they are added.


  1. In Biblical times spices were used for trade and greatly valued equally with precious stones and gold.  Salt was even used to confirm a covenant because it was precious and enduring.


  1. But – spices can become flat and tasteless from overlong storage. Spice is best when fresh!  I once knew a young Christian who said she would not memorize another scripture until she mastered learning and living the first one.  Don’t wait till you think you’ll be perfect or mature to share your  ‘salt’ – it won’t happen.


  1. Spices must be bruised to bring out full flavor.  Have you ever noticed the difference of adding spice and stirring, and either crumbling the spice in your fingers, grinding, using a mortar and pestle, or shaking the spice with oil and a blender ball so it gets bruised and flavors the oil?  All the forms of stress, and wounding the spice enhances its delivery (makes it more appealing) and brings out its pleasing scent and flavor.  If you are uncomfortable , and scared silly with where God has brought you, you are in a good place!


  1. Every offering was  seasoned with salt – even the grain!  Seasoned is tempered together – blended – externally  rubbed on and internally, becoming a part of. Easily pulverized and dissolved. More of Him, less of me.


What a gift for God to enable us to say:

Because I am IN CHRIST


I am the SALT of the earth


I am to be the spice of their lives too!

2 Comments on “Blog – Who I Am In Christ? # 18 – Spicy!

  1. What a spicey read! 🙂
    I have often thought I knew how to use most spices in my ‘original’ cooking and in life experiences…then God reveals one more, only to learn how to use in a new dish.

    So it is in life…to be ready everyday to be the light/spice for even a stranger who unexpectley shows up in your life. you could just very well be that new spice needed in their life. He said…”I AM, therefore YOU ARE!! So be it.

    Thank you Sister D for sharing that new spice needed in my life today.


    • Ann – much belated hugs! I’ve been reviewing my um… older… blogs and came across this appropriate one as I’ve just been exploring and inventing spicy mixes with lower salt 🙂 Can’t believe I did not reply to you but hoping that later is better than never, I want to say thanks for your encouraging friendship!


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