No – No – NO! – YES!

There are only two words that will always lead you to success. Those words are yes and no. Undoubtedly, you’ve mastered saying yes. So start practicing saying no. Your goals depend on it! – Jack Canfield

My goal of paying off two bills this year certainly depends on saying no.

It’s worked and I’m excited to say that using no credit,  and applying every penny possible toward two bills this year is working.

ONE IS GONE!  Yea!  That is two months sooner than we had planned.

The prudent way we’ve discovered to pay off debt is to take the amount used to pay off the first bill and apply it to the second bill along with the usual payment. Consequently it does not mean things get easier now that one is gone or that I have one payment and one “former payment now shopping money”.  Ha!

Still, it feels lighter just knowing that one is gone and can work on the second one faster. Goal for this one is December, or if possible, sooner.   I like to keep a disclaimer, not because I intend to cheat J – but because that’s the way life works sometimes – as soon as you make a goal, something happens and a costly repair or replacement is necessitated.

If I have a coupon, (say for $1) I put the dollar I would have spent on the item in an envelope and that gets added to the bill.

I also play a game when I see something I want and am tempted to buy (let’s say it cost $20). After evaluating the purchase, if I admit:

a.    I do not ‘need’ it or

b.    can substitute with something that is already in the house, or

c.     can find a similar used item for less (say $5)

I put the difference of what I would have paid for the original item in an envelope and add that to paying off the bill.  In this illustration I’d put the unspent $15 on the bill.

Each week’s goals:

  • Evaluating each decision – is it needed, or wanted
  • Putting things back and not making that purchase: asking can I live without this
  • Going to the store less
  • Save something
  • Give away or sell something

YES!  It is just the inspiration I needed to tackle the next one.

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