Will the Real Motive please stand…

I’m going to a Third Day concert tonight.  Actually that’s not quite right.   I volunteered to help at a Third Day concert tonight. I’m admitting I only did it because my son loves the music and message Third Day represents, and he volunteered so I thought that would be a new way to ‘attend’ a concert together.

But then…Kevin offered to help unload the equipment before concert and to reload after, and to do lights in between.  I thought, OK I can bring a book or my PDA to work on some things.

But then…Kevin got realistic – my volunteer portion doesn’t start until late afternoon – that is a long day of wandering, finding someplace comfortable to read or writing on my lap – especially when I don’t have to and when my goal was to spend time with Kevin…  I needed to reassess why I was going.

Hmmm… I had volunteered and I feel committed to complete the task.  Wait a minute  – task?  That’s not how a ministry volunteer should be looking at it, right?

A friend tried to confirm that with, well at least you will get to watch the concert free like she did when she worked a different Christian concert.  I checked.Well, sort of.  The concert is sold out. We are allowed to stand in the back on one level to watch portions.  That’s ok. Some of it might not be my favorite type of music and I can be selective.  Then the friend writes, maybe you will get a cd…not.  Again she writes, a t-shirt?  Ironically I get a follow-up email saying be sure to wear the t-shirts that will be handed out…yada yada….and don’t forget to turn the t-shirt in at the end of the night.  We cracked up at the thought of borrowing and returning a sweaty t-shirt.  I hope they are washed between concerts… Don’t get me wrong – I’m laughing about this. It’s my own fault, signing up as a ministry volunteer for the wrong reasons, and then wondering what I will get out of it – entirely the wrong motive.

Now what?  Going to get ready and see what God has for me.  I’m praying I will have an opportunity to minister to someone as I fulfill the time I first committed, but now gifted their mission of sharing the Word through the Third Day group and others who open for them.  What changed my mind and motive?

For years I’ve prayed for those who minister to me in music – why should tonight be any different! I know nothing happens by accident and God has a plan for me tonight – so  I’ll certainly have a few topics in hand to share with my son when we recap our Third Day experiences.  Especially now that I’ve checked out their website and know a little more about these young people who are sharing their faith, and the profit of their success, with such good motives.

I’ll get back to you on mine tomorrow.

Third Day Website:


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