How much is a Good Hair Day worth?

How much is a good hair day worth?  My new habits of thrift are refining (though doubtless will never catch up to my favorite DIL). 

Clue: The granddaughter who is always warm doesn’t take off her hooded jacket.  (bad hair day)

Clue: I spend 75 minutes with the hairdryer and a zillion styling aids and all Ken notices is that he sticks to the floor when he enters the bathroom. (bad hair styling day)

Clue: I bring the beautician a photo of a short hair cut with a long layer in the front, specify that the front piece must be one length and wrap around the ear. I also show photos of what I do not want (same bob as when I went in only shorter).  $30 later I wonder if all the pictures were too confusing.  I’ve got another bob. (bad hair cut day)

Clue:  Bought a darling little folding travel hairdryer for Nov. trip.  When I got back the thing would not stay unfolded. It flops closed while styling. Arggh. (cheap bad hair day)

Clue:  Super busy day, and while waiting for eye exam appt at mall decide maybe I’ll get my hair shampooed and blowdryed and save a half hour when I get home preparing for early class. I walk in and ask for estimate. $18 – say no thanks , rush home and do it myself.

Results:  Ken sends me to Sally’s Beauty Supply.  With the checkbook.  First to get a new pair of barber shears.  He now cuts his own hair and offered to do mine. (suddenly think my hair cut is not so bad day).  He also tells me to get a hair dryer that will not break so easily and yes I can find a product to put shine in my hair. (fun hair shopping day)

Result:  It cost more than the last haircut  but I got a really neat Argon-oil infused hairdryer with 6 settings and a neat hairbrush.  It gave the hair a lot more body than usual, more shine and definition of the layering.  I think, OK, I can live with this.

Ah, a good hair day.  Ken walks in and says with that nasty twinkle in his eye , “oh, yeah, with a little more practice.”… and runs out when I turn the blowdryer on him.

He just came up behind me taking the picture on the computer and said, “Really, it looks nice.”

Now, I better go show Ken the checkbook.

3 Comments on “How much is a Good Hair Day worth?

  1. BTW..your hair looks beautiful but I haven’t used a hairdryer in years…lol


  2. Got my hair cut about a week ago by a 60 maybe 70 something woman from Japan and it is the best haircut I have had in a while It hurt like heck because she used clippers and a razor to cut it but I honestly think it was worth it.


  3. I fix my hair the way I like it, comb my bangs down to cover my high forehead and think it looks good. I turn around and my husband has wet his hair and combed in down over his forehead so he looks like he put a bowl on his head and cut his hair. He says can I join the UBangy tribe? (bad styling day)


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