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Be The Miracle!

I met Bruce Wilkinson! 

Write those stories! he told me.  People need to hear that God is still doing miracles today – that He is working through people to bring answers to prayer.
Those stories are coming together and I plan to change this site to reflect that focus – how we can be open to being the miracle, bringing God’s message, God’s touch, God’s answer to the prayers of others.
Many of you know I’ve had “it” happen to me many times.  God has directed me to go somewhere, to minister to someone – sometimes one I know, and other times to strangers.  Other times, God has sent His children to me with a blessing.  Are these “miracles”?  Aren’t they?  What is a Miracle?
I’ve often been hesitant to call these God-led happenings miracles,sometimes even saying well, maybe it was a little miracle.  Yet, whether I’ve been on the receiving end of one of these amazing and unexplainable happenings, or following His guidance as “God’s delivery girl”, it certainly feels like a miracle. It has been miraculous to know the living God, to be a part of God’s moving in my life and to deliver His message of hope and encouragement in the lives of others.

It’s amazing!


To think that God – Almighty God – would lead someone to bless me, or use me to bring another the answer to their prayer.

The dictionary definition of a miracle is: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God.

Scripture is full of such stories – God using ordinary people to minister to others, to fulfill His plans, and to answer prayers.  Often they are not the people we would expect – unassuming or even reluctant at times.

Scripture is also filled with encouragement for us to be those ordinary people sent by an extraordinary God to minister to others – to Be The Miracle!

For today, I encourage you to pray – to ask God to help you to Be the Miracle that someone is waiting for.  Be open, ready, be filled with God’s Word and His Spirit so that as He directs you, you can let that fountain spill over into others.  And for today, I pray for you -

I pray that God will fill your mouth with His words

His actions, His answers

and that you will be the miracle that will point another to heaven, answering their specific need.

I know there are thousands of stories out there similar to mine – and more waiting to happen.

I’d love to hear about the miracles God brings to you or through you this week!

Not if they happen, but WHEN, send them to – I’ll be waiting to hear how God helped you to

Be the Miracle!

Acts 22:15 For you will be a witness for Him to all men of what you have seen and heard.

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In Christ I AM – #15 – Speaking Confidently

The woman called me aside after sharing “What God Has Done” through a miraculous God-sighting, and asked, “What must I do to hear God’s voice and direction like that?”

I wonder if she realized her question was a God-sighting too.

Her question reminded me of Nicodemus’ question in Acts 16: Sirs, what do I have to do to be saved, to really live?”

The answer followed: “Put your entire trust in the Master Jesus. Then you’ll live as you were meant to live.”  The answer effectively says be/abide with Jesus…becoming entirely dependent on Him.

The most awesome part of these experiences is when people don’t ask my name, or aren’t likely to remember (or care) what I looked like or if I had a bad hair day, but do recognize that Jesus was there – for both of us.  For whether I am on the delivering or receiving end, both of us are always celebrating the unexplainable details that only God could have engineered.

Whether beginning a relationship with God (as opposed to practicing a religion) or living out the life In-Christ, the standard is always the mind of Christ – not my giant rubber-band ball of emotions bouncing off the walls of life’s circumstances or fears.

Titus 3:8 says, “I want you to speak confidently, so that those who have believed God may be careful to engage in good deeds.”

When I took apart that verse I noticed 3 words:

Want – have necessity (explaining the first phrase to understand there is a NEED for us to speak confidently to those new In-Christ so they will long to experience similar fulfillment

Careful - to interest oneself in (with concern or obedience)– with care or understanding.

Engage – to step out, to begin- to bring or announce as a messenger

Now I read the verse to say: It is necessary that you speak confidently, encouraging believers to desire to act with care and understanding  - as God’s messenger.

God’s messenger!  I love being God’s delivery girl, and I so appreciate that I do not deliver my own message or wisdom, or that I’m not supposed to be a miracle-worker.  I am grateful that God has created us in Christ to begin the work that he prepared for us.  (Eph 2:10)

All we need to do is to walk (embark: step out, involve or invest myself) in the work. Our confidence is that we are speaking God’s words and He is the one who can cause the work to bear fruit.

It’s amazingly OK to be imperfect, and it is actually a hoped-for qualification!

If my only goal is to share or show myself, I will have little confidence, because I know I will be sharing a flawed and empty vessel.  But I have all confidence speaking the Word of God, whether the message I deliver is accepted or ridiculed, it will have eternal results as well the immediate result of God getting the glory.

The book of Acts tells us how the people “observed the confidence of Peter and John, and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were marveling, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.”

I’m not always confident about my knowledge, my appearance, or how the delivery will work out, but I am always excited, knowing that because I am

In Christ,

I can

Speak confidently when sharing What God Has Done!

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Who I Am In Christ # 13 – Reconciled

With my mother’s passing, rejoicing over reconciliation has been the focus.  I was the first reconciliation to God in our immediate family, in 1964.  God has graciously brought them in one-by-one, after I learned that reconciliation was God’s job and not mine.

I was an excited and enthusiastic new believer.  Foolish too, and caused a rift in the family. Despite the pastor’s advice to the contrary (always the rebel) I went home and announced that I’d found God and no longer did thus and so, and it was so wonderful to not be enslaved anymore, didn’t everyone want to be just like me?  The immediate answer was not only “no”, but you can leave now and don’t come back!  After several years of regret, repenting,  and learning to listen to God’s spirit and teachers in our lives, we were praying for a home (but needed to get rid of some debt and find a downpayment) when God did a cool thing.  First he sent a seeker to me for a Bible study.  That seeker ended up not only coming to believe on Christ, but saying she didn’t know why but she was urged to help us get a home.  I thought that was the downpayment, but budget-analyst hubby said paying debt first could enable us to get a home loan. We paid the debt, then found the home, viewed it, and made an offer the same day the sign went up in the yard. We were told we had 30 days to pay the downpayment. On the 29th day dad meanwhile, was at a funeral a few hours from us and got to thinking it seemed wrong be separated from us because we had a new faith, and besides he’d helped the other siblings to get a home and maybe he should see if we wanted help. He showed up at our door offering a down-payment if and when we found a home.  We surprised him by taking him for a drive and a tour of the home, which he approved!

There began our family reconciliation.

Rather than share the details, I’ll share the circle drawing close – the testimony from my mother’s obituary with a few notes in italics: Freda Eva (Cudnohufsky) Christian, 94, of Kingsford, went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. Freda was led to the Lord by her daughter, Marvel in May of 2010. [after 32 years of separation]. Mom finally had peace with God and Freda understood that Jesus came to reconcile her to himself so that she was able to also reconcile her earthly relationships. [the last one the week before Thanksgiving after 45 years of prayer!]. It´s been a blessing for her family and friends to witness the loving change in her and to see restoration in many of her personal relationships after decades of discord. Pastor Kevin Sullivan has offered to be available at 906-774-8239 to anyone who would like to know more about the miracle of restoration and the assurance of eternal life that Freda experienced. Romans 5:10 says “…we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”

There you have it.

In Christ I am reconciled.

You too? I’d love to hear your reconciliation miracle story too!

The rest of the obituary can be read here:

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Who I Am In Christ #12 – Beloved!

My Valentine’s Day gift from God  came early in a treasured moment. Let me explain.

Treasured moments within our marriage have 3 things in common: a delightful surprise, feeling cherished, and love demonstrated.  Like when I didn’t realize he’d heard his very pregnant wife whining to a friend on the phone about craving fish and chips. My dear deathly-allergic-to-seafood husband told me to wait on the porch for a surprise, then transported a carryout with one hand on top of the car.  He’d planned the surprise, demonstrated his love knowing I wouldn’t even be able to kiss him in thanks ‘cause it could potentially be a kiss of death!  What a dangerous way to make me feel cherished.

God often shows such love in all three of those ways – with delightful surprises, love demonstrated and, through a recent happening, made me feel cherished all over again.  My Valentine’s Day gift from God began about 2 weeks ago.  I’m a planner, and was working on February’s calendar, including a visit to my Mom in a nursing home in Michigan, which I’d scheduled for yesterday. But God had other plans.

I got a call from a friend who lives across the country the last week of January to say she was led to pray for me. We shared work and personal prayer requests, and I noticed on her blog 5 days later that she’d continued spending her day in prayer for several people.  I knew I was included and felt loved and cherished that God would lead someone to pray for me 5 days running!  I did not connect at that time that despite her prayers (or because of them?) I was fighting a funky mood, frustrated and resisting a consistent and repeated message go next Wednesday… go next Wednesday (to Michigan to see my mom).  I didn’t want to go on Wednesday because I had appointments Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but by Tuesday afternoon, I could not take it any more. I called my dear friend Marge who adventures with me, and told her how I was feeling that God was after me to go early.  She said she was free the next day and we’d might as well go and see what God was up to this time.


I ran to a nearby store to pick up a Valentine’s gift for Mom, got gas and came home to pack a bag.  Greeting cards I’d been sorting that morning were spread on the table, and as I scooped them up to finish another time, I felt a plastic case. The clear case had yellow booklets inside that told about how to know if you are a Christian.  Put them in your purse.  I’d heard that ‘voice’ before. Knowing I was always happier after obeying, I tossed the case in my purse, rushed about filling a bag with a few essentials in case we got snowed in, and headed for a pillow and a few hours sleep.

Shortly after 5 a.m. Marge turned on the car light to read her morning devotional.  It was timely as usual, promising guidance and encouraging patience. We laughingly recalled how many times those devotionals had been like signs or warnings of what was coming on our trip.  We had an uneventful visit with Mom and a very nice time with a relative we met for lunch.  No sooner had we returned to the nursing home for the second part of my usual visit, I felt compelled to leave for home.  Mom was asleep and though Marge was wondering at my sudden change of direction, we left.

On the road again we wondered why we’d been led to come on Wednesday, still feeling like the mystery was unresolved.

Part way home I automatically turned off the road to visit a young lady I’ll call Susan, who worked in a little small town store. I’d met her a few years ago and we struck up a friendship. I usually visited on Monday on the way to visit Mom. I’d forgotten till I drove up that I hadn’t seen her for a few months because their store had reduced hours – and closed on Mondays.  Sure enough she was there and particularly surprised to see me, because she said, the entire week previously she could not get me out of her mind. She was praying I wasn’t sick or anything that she couldn’t stop thinking of me.  She’d hoped I would come when she was there so she could ask me some questions that were burning on her heart and there I was!  Her excitement was contagious.  Who doesn’t love to be wanted!

So, I said to her, (still clueless!), what kind of questions did you want to ask?  Well, for starters, she queried, “How can I know if I am a Christian?”

Marge and I looked at each other with widened eyes and whispered, Wednesday!  The usually busy store was empty of customers and we were as amazed as Susan that we could respond to every question either because of recently studying the topic, personally experienced a similar situation, or Marge or I had the answering verse in our memory or the right material in our purses.  I can’t tell you how many times we said, it just so happens… and how wide our smiles grew as Susan eagerly scribbled her answers and references on a piece of paper.

We were about to leave when Susan laughingly said the only thing I didn’t offer was a book to help her understand all these new things.  She shook her head in amazement when I told her I’d just reviewed a wonderful book Simple Faith by Eddie Snipes.  I’d placed on my “to be delivered” shelf just two days prior with the prayer that I’d be shown who it was for.  Now I hugged the recipient – a newly confirmed sister in the Lord .

Beloved?   Oh yes, I know I am beloved. The original word Agapetos, ag-ap-ay-tos´- means beloved, esteemed, dear, favorite, worthy of love - very much loved – and that meaning is described as “wider, than physical love – embracing especially the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will”.   It’s a choice that God made – He chose to love us so very much, to view us through the covering of his Son – worthy of love, to be his dear, and dare I say it, his favorite!

This is, believe it or not, a very brief listing of all the “unexplainable coincidences” that took place during this encounter.  Several times Susan paused in wonder and whispered thanks to me, then said no, paused and looked up to heaven and said, “Thank YOU.”  It was obvious to all of us that there was no way we could have planned or prepared all the details without the hand of God.


Thanks to all who pray for me and had a part in God getting me to be where I needed to be to deliver what Susan called “a miracle”, and what else would it be when God leads his children to deliver the greatest message of LOVE!

2Thessalonians 2:13  But we should always give thanks to God for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and faith in the truth.

Say it with me – As a child of God – one who is IN CHRIST

I am His Beloved!


Expecting Miracles,



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